Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stock Market!

[Disclaimer - I am not even close to novice regarding stock markets and I do not even have a Demat account yet. Yet, I want to talk about market as much as I know of.]

Stock Market seems to be the future for everyone. Everyone including government employees, house wifes, college students, software engineers, etc. are now in to it. It intrigued me and I learned some thing (which is very very less) about the market and it was intimidating to know how many have lost their life in this game. Game, yes, we can say Stock Market as a game, which is controlled by some one or some thing which in invisible and constantly watching us, for it is the case for almost everyone that, the moment anyone sells a company's stock, the price increases and the moment anyone buys the stock, the price decreases.

The thing which confuses me is that, I have seen lively, no one will be ready to buy stocks of a company, for say, at a particular time, for Rs. X and after some minutes they will be very much ready to buy it for Rs. X+10 (or 20 or 30) and it is the same case for selling also in the negative meaning. Meaning, no one knows the exact price of what they are buying or what they are selling, why they are buying and why they are selling, they simply do as many number of people all over the country do. Do they know that the stock which they buy for 100 or 200 or 500 or 1000 worths only Rs. 10 or even less? Less people will only actually know this and play in Stock Market, but all others just do without even knowing what they are doing.

Some experts say that you have to watch the market constantly to be a millionaire and that expert will not be rich or may even be poor, struggling to get money to invest in it. It is what I have learnt that, knowledge alone will do no good, for you will have to have a lot of money and luck. Luck is needed to help the price increase for the stocks you buy, as there is no way one can predict what the price will be in the market the next minute, otherwise, everyone will earn a lot of money. Money alone can make you earn more money and all other factors like knowledge about the company (whose stock you are going to buy), Predictability, Luck, etc. are secondary things only.

If you want to enter into the share market and if you have a little money, you will surely lose it and if you have money, you will still lose it and if you have more money, you could earn money and if you have a lot of money, you will surely make a lot from it. It is like, grabbing the money from those who have less and give it to those who have more. More over, a statistics says that, 95% of those who do intra-day share meets loss and those who wait (obviously having more money) could gain. Gain more knowledge about share markets before investing much. Much I have told now and you could think all I have said is an utter more bull-shit or some other shit, but these are the things I know with my little knowledge and I may be totally wrong. Wrong or right, I have told my view, and now is your time to share your views...

[P.S.: I have tried much to make every sentence's first word to be the previous sentence's last word. Word used might have given wrong meaning but I just wanted trying. Trying is not a bad thing isn't it?]