Thursday, August 13, 2009

About an Unbelievable Author

Of all the 3 or 4 or may be 5 friends who read my blog, how many of you know that there was a great author called Erle Stanley Gardner? How many of you know about one of the most famous fictional detective/lawyer Perry Mason? Perry Mason is the first English novel I had read in my life. Because of the ingenious story, I got attracted to reading more novels and so, I am dedicating a post for this author and the character 'Perry Mason'

I wish each and everyone reads at least one of his novels to check why his stories are so special. I have to admit that I don't know many authors and I don't know if there are any similar novels which are better than this. I am not telling that this could be the best ever series of novels in this genre, but what I can promise is, anyone will enjoy this series.

Erle Stanley Gardner has written more than 80 Perry Mason novels and his records were unbeatable and it hold even Guiness Record for most selling books which is greater than other 3 famous authors number of copies sold put together. I heard or read (but I am not sure) that Erle Stanley Gardner used to write multiple stories at the same time and each will be a very complex detective case.

I have read twenty one Perry Mason stories (till date). Even though every one of the book is awesome in its own way, I would like to recommend some of the books I thoroughly enjoyed, which you can start with:
  • The Case Of Screaming Woman
  • The Case Of Mythical Monkeys
  • The Case Of The Drowsy Mosquito
  • The Case Of The Footloose Doll
  • The Case Of The Caretaker's Cat
My father's most favorite ones:
  • The Case Of Duplicate Daughter
  • The Case Of Haunted Husband
If you are already a Perry Mason fan, feel free to suggest your most favorite book. If this post made you to read any Perry Mason book and if you enjoyed it, feel free to thank me :)