Monday, February 15, 2010


[This post is NOT recommended for less-than-18-years old readers. Also, this is not recommended for sensitive people. Readers' greatest discretion is required.]

I hate all the special days like friendship-day, brothers-day, sisters-day, mothers-day, fathers-day etc. and the top of my hatred list is this bloody valentines-day. While the reason I hate the other days are simply (the cliched) 'these days are just marketing strategy to make people spend. They are you friends, brothers, sisters all days. You don't have to create junk traffic in the internet or gift costly cards to prove it'. But this Valentine's day, I hate it because of another reason (not just because I don't have anyone ;))

It is because, the current trend of love(?) and how much build-up is given by media about it. Seeing, and hearing about how things are going on in this crooked world makes me doubtful of what the hell the word 'love' means in this world. Of course, there is no (2 marks) definition that states, 'Love is nothing but...'. It is so projected that 'love' is the cheapest (both by price and the intrinsic value) thing in the world.

Look at the advertisements (boy... I want to write a separate blog about the advertisements)... it only makes me feel that this modern-day-love is despicable. IMHO more than 90% of the 'I love you' means 'hey, you look sexy... and I want to have an affair with you... but this half-baked western culture will only deem us as lowly people if we just have an affair. So, for now, I will say that we are in love... we will get as much intimate as possible... and lets see what happens after that'.

I don't know how many of 'I love you' even think about the life after 2 or 3 years. It is just like how marriage is a license for living/dying till you die, 'I love you' is just a license for living for a short time (or till the marriage with someone else). And to even think of what such 'I love you' has its objective as, only makes me more and more loathing about it. And there are so many different ways to get hold of someone to say that and take advantage of. I can write a blog about that also, but it would only be too disturbing and despicable.

And this Valentine's day is just an excuse for these kinds of lowly activities. The amount of hype given to this is too much. And to the height of all this nauseating things, even BSNL sends sms like 'Find beautiful girls to talk to who are willing and bold. SMS to this number.' (something like that). WTF? The Valentine's day is used by the people who want to say 'I love you' (in the above meaning) but couldn't; to say that, or for people who have already said that to get more physical, or for people who are already in the peak of things to get separated to find someone new.

Don't mistake me here. Don't be seething with rage. I am not against 'love', in fact I love 'love' :) and only because of that I cant digest the injustice that is done to it by the name of this stupid day. I have seen people who are truly in love. I have seen people who are so much in love that can only be seen in movies or read in novels. I respect them. I respect their love. So, IMHO, love is either holy or bullshit (holy-shit could have been more rhyming :) ). I respect if that is the first case and I loath if it is the later. You are now free to tear me into pieces with your comments.

[I wanted to post it yesterday (on Valentine's day), but couldn't complete it, so posting today.]

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Short Story - Inspired by true incidents

5) I would love to say something, but all I could do is to grin uncomfortably and leave the place with big strides

4) She smiles at me every time when it happens

3) I say 'damn' involuntarily and she could definitely hear it

2) This has been happening a lot of times in the past one week

1) I go to my old place accidentally forgetting about the change of my place in my office

0) Please read the points in order from 1 to 5.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Surprise! A Quarrel!!

Quarrel, the word (or any word which means the same) I hate most in any language. I am not talking about the quarrel that happens in the road, or in the reality shows or in the assembly :), but the quarrel that happens inside our known-people-circle. I don't mean physical fight, but I mean heated arguments, strong disagreements, questioning and criticizing (known) people.

Things which happened in my life made me think more deeply of the nature of quarrels that happen between friends, siblings, colleagues, relatives, and spouse(s) :). The result of my self realization is that, there are absolutely NO surprises in a quarrel we participate, whether you start or respond to it. What I mean by NO surprises is, we know exactly what is going to happen before accusing or abusing or criticizing our friends. Yet, we go ahead and deliver the dialogue which we have rehearsed in our mind to them.

For example, whenever I am going to accuse my friends for not picking up the mobile when I call or not responding to my chat, I know exactly what they will answer. I also know what should I reply for their reply and so on. But still, I do that and get the temporary pleasure to have succeeded in my act I have rehearsed in my mind. Then later, I will apologize for being rude and everything will suddenly become normal. The thing is, many many people fail to do the last step in this act which slowly builds up the bitterness and finally end in a friendship-fatal fight.

How many of you who is reading this, has ever apologized for a fight? Of course, only if the mistake is with you. Or how many of you can accept that the mistake is with you (also) in a fight? Even if you know that the mistake is with you, have you ever been willing to apologize? Simply go and talk something else can solve the problem, but apologizing from the heart will make the situation much much better. I don't have to tell these things. Everybody who reads this is a mature adult. Everybody knows this. But why very very few people follow these things? I have got no clue...

When was the last time you had a surprise in a quarrel, I mean, you expected your friend to respond in a way but he accepted/apologized for the criticism (you must except me ;) ). So, the next time when you are participating in a quarrel... do whatever you want to do... :) I am not going to advice you anything as I perfectly know that, soon after you close this window (if you have read till now :)), you are going to be the same person as you were before reading this... I just wanted to log my self-realization :)