Friday, November 28, 2008

Trendy Vs Traditional - Part I

[Disclaimer I: The Disclaimer I of this post holds very true to this post also]
[Disclaimer II: This post is intended only to discuss about Mouse, the gadget which we use with our computers. If the post seems to have a double meaning, it is entirely\completely because of the reader's perception and that is not what I intended. Having made sure that it does NOT have a double meaning, let me jump to the blog]

Recently, I had to buy a mouse. So, I went to a shop to look for a mouse. There were so many types and so many variteties of mice available. I had an option of choosing a trendy mouse, a semi-trendy mouse and a completely traditional looking mouse. I chose the trendy mouse.

It looked so nice, so beautiful, so slim with nice curves and seemed to be a little costly, but affordable. Thinking that, it would be great to have such a trendy mouse, I bought that. When others see that, they will definitely be envy on me. I would also feel great to hang out with such a cute mouse. Everything was okay, but...

It was hard maintaining it. First few hours was okay, but after that, I could not stand the pain. Just because I had been proud and showing that to everyone, I have to have that for ever, otherwise, those guys would surely make fun of me. The mouse which I use in my office is very traditional. It looks big, fat, bulged, etc. The first time, when I saw that, I thought, "What a distasteful guy, who bought this mouse"

Though the looks were not so great, it was so comfortable, so pleasing to use that mouse. I didn't realize the value of the completely traditional mouse, till I bought a trendy one. Now that I have learnt a lesson. Looks is not always important, when comparing to the comfort and convenience and peace.

But there is another choice, if looks seems to be the highest priority and comfort could be a little compromised. For that, we can go for semi-tredy-semi-traditional mouse. Its look will not be so great as trendy ones, but with less uncomfortable feeling. So, which one you choose, is completely upto you.

Be it mouse, or whatever, when you are going to spend more time with it, it is better to think twice before choosing a flashy, trendy ones, just for the looks. Consider comfort, peace, dignity, maintenance, etc. also, is what the tiny mouse taught me.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Puzzling PJ - Train Puzzle

When I was a small kid (which is only a few years ago), I would be too much interested in solving puzzles. My dad had invested a lot of his money for the puzzle books and almost 95% of the money was like it was invested in a share market. I didn't use many of the books.

But one of the earliest puzzles I was asked from a book is: *Suppose if A has a watch which is 10 minutes slower and B has a watch which is 10 minutes faster and if A thinks that his watch is 10 minutes faster and B thinks that his watch is 10 minutes slower, who would miss the train they have to catch?*

What is the answer? Have you found out the right answer? Yes, B would catch the train and A would miss the train, according to the puzzle. But now, if someone asks the same question to me, I would say, *Both would catch the train, as anyhow, the train would come 1 hours 30 minutes late on an average*. Almost everyone of my travel expereince could be written as a blog. Travelling is always a pain, giving so much of frustrating experience.

Every time the notorious Yashvandhpur Express (Bangalore to Chennai) would always come at 12:30 to 1:30 when it is supposed to come at 11:30. Surprisingly, last time when I and my friend were waiting for that, it came at 11:35. But the arrival of the train has satisfied its purpose, that is to disappoint us, because, just 5 minutes before 11:30, 3 girls (and one of them was pretty good) came and stood in front of us and the bloody train just came almost on time.