Thursday, December 31, 2009


I don't know when I became like that, but in recent years, I really lost the sense and taste of wishing New Year or Pongal or Birthday or Ramjan or Deepavali or Christmas, etc. What do we give or what do we get by uttering "Wish You A Happy *"? I don't know. Hmm... thinking deeply, I can deduce the following as the reasons.
  • Having seen a lot of advertisement simply telling "Happy Bull Shit"
  • Having seen a lot of people faking hearty wishes when they actually don't give a shit
  • Lost the actual interest in any of the festivals and birthdays
  • Getting a lot of spam mails sent for 100s or 1000s in BCC via a pre-created group, without even knowing who are all the people present in the group.
When I started seeing festivals as the reason for people to do heavy shopping and simply watching TV, I lost hope in that. All we need is an excuse to spend and shop. When the festivals were scarce, it was okay, but now, the consumerism has gone to such an extent that every month will have some festival or some day brothers day, sisters day, fathers day, mothers day, lovers days, atchaya-thrithi, aadi-month, kaarthigai-month, etc. hmm...

But it is not that I don't want to wish people good luck on special day for them. I would like to wish my friends a happy birthday or a happy anniversary day (if they are happy ;)). But, new year, or pongal, or etc. I lost interest.

But anyhow, I have to be a Roman when I am in Rome. For my friends, I wish them good luck in the coming year! I don't want to say the stereotypical "Wish You A Happy New Year". Have fun and enjoy!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pleae Take Your Seat - A Flashback!

"Please take your seat" said the VP of SBOA HSS and nervously, immediately and moronically I sat on the only seat available and that is one of the most foolish things I have ever done in my life which I can never forget. I was very nervous on that day. It was an interview with the school officials and I was extremely afraid about that.

Having been in a Tamil medium school from 6th to 10th in a very small village and having absolutely no knowledge in English, even studying in Tanjavur or Trichy freaked me out. But I wanted to study in English medium as I thought that would help me have a smooth college life. But Chennai? and that too one of the most reputed schools? I was not ready.

I mugged up the first lesson in Physics fully and I studied a bit in all other subjects also. I had my cousin teaching me. I was ready to answer any 2 marks questions they may ask :). On that interview day, I and my father went to that school. Oh boy... never seen such a big school. My fear reached the maximum.

"What would they ask me? and what should I answer?", I asked my dad (of course, in Tamil). He told me some simple questions they may ask and some simple answer I should deliver. Every moment when I was inside the campus, it lost hope. Even small kids were talking in English. "I am dead", I thought. Finally, my interview was going to start. I and my father went inside the room.

"Please take your seat", said the VP.
"No... not you... Your father!", said another staff who was in there. At the same speed I sat, I stood up and gave the seat to my father. This thing always use to haunt me. 'Why was I so stupid and lame and pathetic?' This was just a beginning. I have done even more amazing comedy in the first few days of my school life.

But, why am I writing this? Because one of my friends had asked me specifically to write things which would humiliate me, and I didn't want to disappoint one of the very few living beings in the world who reads my blog, and so, I am posting this.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Boys Vs Girls

[It is a cheap technique to have the title like this, I know, to attract audience (if at all there are any). But this is a genuine topic I wanted to blog about. This is just a conversation during a breakfast time with my colleague.]

"When I started learning swimming, there would be a lot of girls who would win me easily and I had felt ashamed", told my friend, during a chat about his victories in swimming competitions.
"But after you had mastered, you would have won them very easily right?", I asked.
"Yes, of course man"
"If there is a competition between a girl and a boy, both having the same level of practice and same age, who would win?"
"Obviously the boy, swimming needs a lot of muscular power which boys have more than girls"
"Hmm... I have always wondered, what is the sport or game or anything in which girls have more chances to beat boys?"
"Hmm... (thinking)"
"I think the world champions in carom are girls and that too from India and I think they are from south (no racist intention, but that was purely for information purpose and to prove that my guess would be approved to be right). Since carom does not need any physical power, I think they had won. But why not in chess? Why can't there be a woman world champion? Chess does not need physical strength..."
"Chess needs a lot of thinking, so women can't beat men"
"What? Why not? Is it that men or more intelligent than women"
"Not like that, but, Testosterone, a hormone required for mathematical calculation power, is present in men multiple times more than women" (Later we investigated about this aspect and found that this information is NOT correct. You can refer this link for more information)
"Hmm... too bad... Can you think of anything in which girls are better?... I think girls have more chances to be better in spirituality (completely my guess and could be 200% wrong)"
"Women are the best when it comes to counseling and consoling. Men don't stand a chance"
(by this time, we were done with our breakfast and we started to leave)
"So, is there anything in which you were beaten by a girl", my friend asked me.
"Hmm... during my school life when I was in co-education, I could never manage to get the first rank. It was always a girl who got the first rank"
(at this time, we both realized the fact)
"Man... how come we didn't think about this. Girls... they always beat boys in studies in school. Every year, the pass percentage, the top scorer, everything, girls would top", told my friend and was happy to have found a valid answer.
"It is because, boys spend most of the times thinking about girls rather than the studies :)", I told (in a completely funny note).
Laughing, we both went to start our work!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Evolution of Arranged Marriage - Based on true stories :)

<= 26:
  1. Very Beautiful
  2. Very Fair
  3. Slim
  4. Good family
  5. B.E.
  6. Non-Working (or Working, based on personal preference)
  7. [People who think marriage as business] Should give X Gold, Car
  1. Beautiful
  2. Fair or Wheatish
  3. Decent family
  4. B. Sc. Computer Science is okay
  5. Non-Working (or Working, based on personal preference)
  6. [People who think marriage as business] Should give X Gold
  1. Beautiful
  2. Even if dark, should have good facial features
  3. Decent family
  4. B.Sc.
  5. Working or Non-working, anything is okay
  6. [People who think marriage as business] Should give X - Y Gold
  1. Decent looking
  2. Decent family
  3. Any Bachelor degree
  4. [People who think marriage as business] Should give X - Z Gold
  1. Should be bearable to look at.
  2. Decent family
  3. At least Higher Secondary
  • Only one condition. Should be a female.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bad Time In My Past - Thirumadhi Selvam

Due to a problematic remote control, I had to watch a Tamil serial called "Thirumadi Selvam" for about 15 minutes. I have no words to describe about this junk one. But of course, no serial can come near the utter junk and a criminal offense serial called "Kolangal" which spams for years and years and which has seen many mega-serials' birth and death.

This is how 'Thirumadhi Selvam' went on that day I had to watch it.

A guy comes and asks his wife whether she had had her dinner. She says 'No' and asks him whether he had had it. He says 'No'. 'Aa Aaaa AAAAAAaaaaaa..... Vu Vuuu Vuuuuuuu...' etc. in the background suddenly... I got confused... why this music? it is just that he hadn't had his dinner... why in the hell such an elavu music for this? She looks at him for more than 2 minutes in this background music and after the full cycle is over, he says, 'come... we shall go and have dinner'

They go and have dinner. We have to see them having dinner for more than 3 minutes. Then, an old hag comes (his mother-in-law) and asks 'son, you are having dinner only now?' (what the dash... he is having it in front of her only... but she is asking the quesiton) and for the he replies 'Yes'. 'Aaa Aaaaaa AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' in a bass voice again and she was looking at him for more than 2 or 3 minutes in the music background.

At this point, I was about to throw the remote control and break it as it had made me watch this junk, to my surprise, the serial got over for that day!!!. What in the dash was that? Why would anyone watch it? I didn't know whether to appreciate the home makers to have such a great tolerance to watch these kind of bull shits. If everyone shows such tolerance towards real people, I think all the families will become an example of "ideal family" without any disputes.

God, save my people!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Imaginary Story and Imaginable Phiolosophy

[Disclaimer: Everything that takes place in this story is 100% imaginary. Don't try this in real life. I rate this post R and if you are not 18+, please don't read further. Reader's discretion is required]

"There are no take backs... once you register and pay the money, there is absolutely no way you can cancel it. Do you understand?"
"Yes I do. I would be more happy only if I can't cancel it. I don't want anything or anyone to interrupt this."
"You would feel that way until you pay the money and register. After that you will surely have a second thought. I just want to make it VERY CLEAR. Also the policy is that if you express your interest, you can only register the next day"
"I don't want time to think. I have already thought it so much. I want to register now"
"NO. Come tomorrow. Get lost, now!"

Dheva went home sulking all the way to his home. The stay in the house didn't make him think again, but infact, made him wait for the next morning to come so that he can go and register. He has had fights and problems with his wife almost everyday right from the marriage. And things were getting worse and worse everyday. Though all the fights and problems were for no reason (or very silly reasons), the peace had completely gone and he had gone to such an extent that he had decided to kill his wife through a secret organization, whose reference he got through google.

"It is clear. I want to go ahead."
"Okay... well... give me the address, photo and the money. It will take 3 days to execute it. I strongly suggest that you are not in your house. Be in your office. Schedule a meeting or something so that it is absolutely doubt proof that you had to stay in office."
"I will do."
"Don't try to be nice just because she is going to die in couple of days."
"Why not?"
"(With a cruel smile) Because there are no take backs."
"If you are nice to her, she may be nice to you and suddenly your chemistry may start to work. Even if it is not going to happen, if you are suddenly nice, it will raise suspicion. Understand?"

Devah's heart started to beat faster and he felt an uncomfortable feeling thinking about the first option, Mr. X had told about. But since it was out of his control anymore, he didn't want to think about it.

"Ye... Yes... No problem"
"We are bad people and we show no mercy. We have links to police department also. So, If you try to act smart, you will also go to hell along with your wife... ha ha ha"

That remark didn't seem to have been made for fun. Without telling anything Devah just left that place. He couldn't believe what he had done. All the problems and the fights suddenly seemed nothing. He started to realize the ways he could have done better to have made the relationship stronger. He realized that he has done the greatest mistake in his life, but it is useless to think about it.

He reached home. His wife looked as beautiful as she was on their marriage day. Even before he could talk to her, she started yelling at him for coming late. That yelling didn't make him angry, which a day before would have been a good reason to yell back or fight back. He felt heart-broken, blanked, and numbed by the fact that his wife is going to be killed in a couple of days because of his intolerance towards her.

==== End Of Story ====

I want to give you the freedom to complete the story in the way you want to have it. Whatever the way I am going to finish, someone may feel 'come on... this is a cliched ending' (because the story itself is cliched :). Also, if you have any creative climax, feel free to express it via comments). But what I want to tell here is, there are two universal truths anyone should face, birth and death. Only during deaths (not their own of course) anyone realizes a lot of things about life. A completely new dimension becomes clear to us when seeing someone close to us die.

After death there is no point in thinking "I should have done that" or "I shouldn't have done that" etc. Once Sadguru was asked a question "My son died recently. We didn't do much for him. We want to do a lot for him now. How can we do it to him?" and for that a gist of Sadguru's answer was, "hereafter for anyone, if you want to do something do it then and there. Don't wait for them to die".

So, what I want to tell you is, whenever someone (or anyone) makes you mad, even if not the extent that you hire Mr. X to end them, just imagine that you did it and the other person is going to die in a couple of days. Treat them in the way you would treat them if they are going to die very shortly. I believe things will get better if we understand the universal truths better.

== End Of Mokkai ==

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Joke I couldn't Stop Laughing For

[Disclaimer: Not advisable for all. Reader's discretion is required]

I read this joke in internet and I couldn't stop laughing for a long time. Of course, there were a lot of other jokes which made me laugh so hard, but this was one of the best and this is the only joke I could share in my blog ;) Here goes the joke:

Little Johnny is sitting in a biology class,and the teacher says that an interesting phenomenon of nature is that only humans stutter, no other animal in the world does this.

Johnny's hand shoots up. "Not correct, Miss!" he says.

"Please explain, Johnny," replies the teacher.

"Well, Miss, the other day I was playing with my cat on the veranda. The neighbors' Great Dane came around the corner, and my cat went "ffffffffff! ffffffffffff! ffffffffff!", and before he could say "F&%# OFF!", the dog ate him!"

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Very Good Rare Songs - Nescafe (Open Up)

Get electrified by hearing this song! Our old favorite song which I hit after so many years. I thought it deserves this post! This song was originally sung by a Chinese singer 'Shunza' and the song was 'Open Up'. But Nescafe adopted this song and changed it to Nescafe. The song which is below is sung by "Laurie Anderson"

The Lyrics:

You can be rich with no money to spend,
You can do everything when you understand,
You can be mother when you are a man,
Open Up - You know that you can.

Open your eyes, open your mind, open your thoughts - Don't stay behind!
(open up, open up, open up, open up)
(open up, open up, open up, open up)

The Key is inside you to open your mind,
You know what is out there - your heart can't be blind,
Open your eyes and open your mind,
Open your thoughts - Don't stay behind!

Open your eyes, open your mind, open your thoughts - Don't stay behind!
(open up, open up, open up, open up)
(open up, open up, open up, open up)

Erase all the borders and start in your head,
Open your mind to thoughts seldom said,
Open your eyes and open your mind,
Open your thoughts and don't stay behind.

Open your eyes, open your mind, open your thoughts - Don't stay behind!
(open up, open up, open up, open up)
(open up, open up, open up, open up)
(open up, open up)
(open up, open up)
(open up, open up)
(open up, open up)
(open up, open up)
(open up, open up)
(open up, open up)

Click on this link to hear that song sung by the original singer which would put you to a greater enjoyment.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

About an Unbelievable Author

Of all the 3 or 4 or may be 5 friends who read my blog, how many of you know that there was a great author called Erle Stanley Gardner? How many of you know about one of the most famous fictional detective/lawyer Perry Mason? Perry Mason is the first English novel I had read in my life. Because of the ingenious story, I got attracted to reading more novels and so, I am dedicating a post for this author and the character 'Perry Mason'

I wish each and everyone reads at least one of his novels to check why his stories are so special. I have to admit that I don't know many authors and I don't know if there are any similar novels which are better than this. I am not telling that this could be the best ever series of novels in this genre, but what I can promise is, anyone will enjoy this series.

Erle Stanley Gardner has written more than 80 Perry Mason novels and his records were unbeatable and it hold even Guiness Record for most selling books which is greater than other 3 famous authors number of copies sold put together. I heard or read (but I am not sure) that Erle Stanley Gardner used to write multiple stories at the same time and each will be a very complex detective case.

I have read twenty one Perry Mason stories (till date). Even though every one of the book is awesome in its own way, I would like to recommend some of the books I thoroughly enjoyed, which you can start with:
  • The Case Of Screaming Woman
  • The Case Of Mythical Monkeys
  • The Case Of The Drowsy Mosquito
  • The Case Of The Footloose Doll
  • The Case Of The Caretaker's Cat
My father's most favorite ones:
  • The Case Of Duplicate Daughter
  • The Case Of Haunted Husband
If you are already a Perry Mason fan, feel free to suggest your most favorite book. If this post made you to read any Perry Mason book and if you enjoyed it, feel free to thank me :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

A Completely Imaginary Story

[Disclaimer: This story is not recommended for anyone who is not 18+ years old. This post contains suggestive materials which are not recommended for everyone, even if they are adults. Readers' discretion is required]

Vignesh has never felt like this. Mentally, his whole body is shaking, but physically, he is just all right. He can not say whether he is excited or tensed or worried. After all, this is the first time he is going to do that thing. The first time anxiety has taken over his entire stability. Though he was sure that he is going to get a damn good experience, he is worried about the safety also. He just wanted to get advice from his friend.

"I am just nervous. I am worried about the safety", he told his friend. "Come on... SHE is awesome... this is what you have been dreaming for so long. You have got the chance. Don't be afraid. Go ahead... Good luck", encouraged his friend with a smile and a wink. Vignesh knew that this would be the encouragement which he will get from any of his friends, though, if they get an opportunity to do that thing, they will also be tensed.

Vignesh is the kind of the man who tells/confesses everything (of course, not everything, but almost everything) with his parents and brother. But will they understand him if he tells them about this? Will they ever forgive if they come to know about this later? After all, everyone (of course, not everyone, but almost everyone) will do this thing before their marriage (I don't know what they think... perhaps they think loyalty is a dog thing???)

One of Vignesh's thousands of thoughts is 'In this present world, my wife may appreciate me about this'. He has done enough thinking. He realized that no matter how much he thinks, he is NOT going to lose such an opportunity. So, he consoled himself that ' though my parents and brother does not have enough maturity to know the current trend, they will be happy once they see the result. They may be a little worried about what the relatives, who don't know anything about software industry, will think if they come to know that I quit Infosys and join this unknown product company called Software for Hyper Enterprises (SHE). But this salary hike at this point of time is extremely needed and even my wife (if I get someone soon) may appreciate this'

He went to his computer and started a mail with subject "Resignation Letter" after working in that company for six years, his hands starting to shiver a little bit physically also!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Uniqueness of each musical instrument

I am in a pursuit of learning a music instrument for past couple of weeks. I don't know when it will be over and how it will be over (whether I accomplish my goals or I say 'you know what? I had quit'). But luckily I have a motivation. One of my friends has also started learning a musical instrument so, we had promised to motivate each other when the other is having hard time learning the instrument.

Interestingly, I have two more friends who are just beginners whose instrument of choice is different. So, we are now four guys with four different music instruments. I use to think that my instrument of choice is the best and everyone thinks the same for their instrument of choice :). My questions was "What is the best music instrument?". So, I was thinking of uniqueness and greatness of each instrument. Of course, all the musical instruments are great. This is the comparison of Guitar, Violin, Flute and Keyboard (Piano)

First, let me tell the uniqueness and greatness of Violin. Violin in the only instrument which can produce continuous sound/music. All other instruments can only give discreet pieces of music. Also, Violin is the best instrument to shower melancholy. But the negative part is, if you don't know how to play it, the will produce the most horrible noise which no other instrument can produce.

Flute: Flute is an amazing instrument which can give melody like no other instrument can give. The music a Flute can produce can literally mesmerize anyone. It is almost close to Violin regarding the continuous music, but when the player breathes, it will have to break at least for some seconds. Also, it is the most light-weighted instrument and the most compact instrument ever. The negative part is, it drains energy out of the player.

Keyboard (Piano): It is the only instrument that could be played to produce 10 Swaras (notes) from various octaves. Since all ten fingers could be used at the same time, it is superior to any other string or wind instrument in that regard. Also, a duet could be played with a single instrument, one playing in lower octaves and the other playing in higher octaves. The negative part is, it is costly. A grand piano could cost easily above Rs. 25, 00, 000.

Guitar: I don't know of any uniqueness for Guitar, but, it is also one of the greatest instruments. Simply stroke the strings and you will get a good music. Also, almost all the songs require a Guitar. It is also one of the most stylish musical instruments to give pose with :)

[I am not sure whether whatever I think is right. If you find that I have given some wrong information, please do comment about it. Also, if you know anything to add up to, please feel free to add it as a comment.]

Friday, June 19, 2009

Brainy Friend - Part III - The Power

[This is a sequel to Brainy Friend Part II post. It is highly recommended that you read that post first before reading this one, or click here to go to the first post. The disclaimer for that post holds good to this post also, as a matter of fact to all the posts for this story]

Knock... Knock... "Satesh... dear... is there anything wrong? What was that sound?". Satesh's mom had come to his room after hearing that 'thud' sound of Satesh falling. All of the sudden, instantly, Satesh came to his life. He opened his eyes and realized that he is lying on the floor. Immediately, he answered his mom's call by saying, "Mom... there is nothing wrong... please wait... I will open the door"

Satesh's mom was shocked and very much worried to see him, and she told in a feeble voice, "What has happened to you dear? Why have you sweated like this? Did you faint and fall? I heard a sound like you fell". Just then Satesh realized that he had sweated like hell and he is completely wet. 'How come I didn't realize that I am wet???', Satesh asked himself.

"Mom, I was awfully tired and fell unconscious I think."
"If you had fallen unconscious how come you opened that door as soon as I knocked? I just came right after that sound. Dear... is there anything wrong? Do you want to tell me something?"
"Nothing mom... It is just the experiment I was doing... I have gotten some weird experiences... I am perfectly all right mom. You please don't worry... I will surely tell you if there is anything wrong or if there is anything important I have to tell you."
"Honey... I always wanted to support your experiments. But if it is going to affect you, I wont allow it. Promise me that you will be careful and that you would let me know if anything is wrong."

It took a long time for Satesh to convince that there is nothing wrong. He told her that he would consult a doctor and spent extra time with her to soothe her. After she left, Satesh came and sat in his chair. He couldn't understand how his mother came so soon. He was asking himself, "It seemed that I had talked to that voice for a long time, but mom says she had come right away... what is happening to me?"

"So... now you should have understood what was happening to you", the same voice echoed from somewhere. Satesh was then irritated and yelled "What in the hell is this bull shit?". Just then he realized what was happening and the very second he had a victorious smile in his face to have understood everything. "Yes... you got it... I knew you will get it...", said that same voice.

'Oh my God... this is what it has been happening... So, everything that was happening from the moment I lost consciousness was just my thoughts. I was not speaking to anyone... I was just thinking and the other guy... or the voice... or whatever... was able to get whatever I thought and it was replying to me... throughout the time, I hadn't opened my mouth... and moreover, the communication happening between me and that thing is instantaneous... So only, all the communication which should have taken more than 15 minutes had just happened in less than a second...' is what Satesh had understood. He figured it out what he yelled 'What in the hell is this bull shit' to that voice in which he didn't utter anything, but just thought as a reply to that voice.

Yet Satesh is not fully convinced or fully understood about this brainy friend (from now on, I would refer the one-more-consciousness of Satesh as brainy friend). That brainy friend could get whatever Satesh thinks but he couldn't get whatever it (or the brainy friend) thinks...

Their conversation was about to start in which Satesh remained in the same posture as how he was sitting... He is going to listen and get the whole picture of this brainy friend...

To be continued. [Coming soon: The power continued]

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Help Needed

[If you thought I was going to ask a help and still wanted to read this, I have to appreciate you. This blog is not about asking help. This is just a topic about help.]

Asking for a help is an art, in my opinion. The chances of getting the request done is completely dependent on how you ask for the help, and of course, to whom you ask and how big is the help, etc. There are a lot of various parameters involved in the success of getting the help done.

I am quite sure that everyone would know how to ask for the help and to whom to ask that help. But, what I wanted to convey is, how mature you should be before asking the help. Generally, when I ask for a help, I would consider that it is going to be rejected. You should be completely prepared to get your request declined. If you are not ready to face this, you should not ask for the help.

If you are not ready to hear a NO for your help request, it would mean that it is not a help you are asking, but you are ordering your friend/relative to do something for you. So, whenever you are going to ask for a help, no matter how close your friend/relative is, you should be ready to accept a NO from them.

If you are asking for a big help, a very critical help, and yet your friend/relative is not in a position to help you, you should never point that out in your future meetings with that guy. If you have vengeance for the declination, it would surely spoil the friendship. So, next time when you are going to ask for a help, ask yourself, "Am I ready if he/she says NO? Would I be able to like him/her even if it is rejected?".

If the answer is YES, you can go ahead and ask for the help. If it is NO, it is better you don't ask for that help. Of course, if the situation is too desperate, you can give an attempt, but you should be mentally prepared and matured to accept it and continue with the friendship.

This is my thought. Any comments? Want to refute it? Want to tell something? Want to give an example? You can leave a comment. This is just a filler blog written in just ten minutes without even thinking about it, as I desperately wanted to post a topic before June starts. So, forgive me if this is junk :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Unfinished Story

[Disclaimer: Everything that takes place in this unfinished story is purely imaginary]

Senthan never believes forward mails, especially those which ask him to forward to some number of people, promising fortune and which threatens disaster if not forwarded to others. He is sick of those kinds of mails. His disbelief increased a lot after he read this blog. But he is a little confused, worried and afraid today.

For the past one week he had been feeling pain in his chest, and that too in the left side, whenever he lies down to sleep. To add to his fear, there was a definite pain in his left hand. With his very little medical knowledge, these two are the strong symptoms for heart attack. So, everyday he slept, for the past one week, he thought he wont wake up.

But today is different. He heard a lot of problems in the family; the cliched misunderstanding between family members, his bank balance is utter low, his friends asking back their money Senthan had got from them, work pressure from office, other health issues, etc. Everything came at the same day. He was almost sure, he would get a severe heart attack tonight.

To relax himself, he started checking his mails in his Yahoo mail inbox. One of the mails asked him to forward it and that if he would not forward it, he would die in two days. It was the day before yesterday. He didn't forward it to anybody, though something inside him urged him to. He remembered that suddenly today. Disregarding that and to sleep, he lied down on his bed.

The worry just kept increasing. Senthan was not worried about dying young, was not worried about dying as a virgin, was not worried that he had not even flirted with girls, was not worried that he hadn't even had a single fag, was not worried about the loans he had to pay back and the home loan and the only property he ever owned, was not worried about all his ambitions that would die along with him, if it happens.

He was worried about only two things. First being the family, he just called his family and talked to his father and mother casually. He then asked them to give the phone to his only brother and he advised his brother to study properly and get a good job. The second worry, being his unfinished story in his blog and that he didn't want to disappoint his blog readers, he started to write a blog to finish the unfinished story. When he was about to finish the story, he felt an severe pain in his heart and

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brainy Friend - Part II - Result

[This is a sequel to Brainy Friend Part I post. It is highly recommended that you read that post first before reading this one. The disclaimer for that post holds good to this post also, as a matter of fact to all the posts for this story]

After what it seemed like eternity to Satesh, but in real, after 2 seconds, Satesh heard the same voice, talking calmly and slowly, "Too much of anything is good for nothing, isn't it?". Satesh didn't know what to tell or how to react. What he saw, was complete darkness. He shouted, "Who are you? Where am I? Am I abducted? What is happening to me? When...". Satesh was interrupted by the deep calm voice, "I just told you 'too much of anything is good for nothing'. It holds good for the number of questions you ask also".

"Where am I? What is happening to me?"
"Still, you are asking too much of questions. Which one should I answer?"
"Do you think it is funny, you bloody as..."
The voice interrupted Satesh again, "Don't scold yourself dear. Calm down and be cool"
"At last, you have asked one question. I think you are now calm. Listen to me Satesh, I think I am the result of your experiment."
"You think? What do you mean?"
"I am one more conscience from inside your brain. It is like I have got completely detached from your conscience. I reside in your brain. I am part of your brain, but I am independent. I also can control you body. You can consider that you have two brains now. I am YOU."
"This is too much for me to take. You mean I have a split personality?"
"I don't know much about split personality as you haven't read much about it. I know only what you know. So, from our knowledge, split personality would mean that we both can't be present at the same time. Since we both are present at the same time, I think it is not split personality"
"Oh.. then do you mean that I and you are like Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in the Fight Plan movie"
"I am not sure. In that movie, they act against each other isn't it? I wont act against you. I am YOU okay? I think, what I am, is a completely new phenomenon."
"Could be... I am confused... I think I will have to refer Yahoo health to find out if there is anything like that."
"I would do that for you"
"By the way, why did you start with a philosophy? That 'too much of bla bla bla?' And why did you have to be sarcastic to me? How could you be so calm when I was scared to death?"
"Haha... I thought you would figure that out. You, that is we, are one of the most brilliant guys in the world. But you were not satisfied. You tried to increase you intelligence beyond a normal person. I am the result of that isn't it? That is what I meant. I was not sarcastic. I was calm as I know there is nothing wrong. I did not want you to feel angst."
"Haha... but in my case, too much of anything is very good for something isn't it? By the way, now, can I consider myself as a super human?"
"You can consider yourself as a super human. But it wont be true. You wont be able to fly, you wont be able to punch through walls. You wont have spider webs coming from your wrist. All you can do is, you can use me to become more and more brainy. You can do whatever it is humanly impossible with respect to your body-and-mind"
"Could you please explain. I got no clue what you are talking about."
"Where do you think we are having this conversation? You had shouted and screamed hadn't you? Why didn't your mother come for your rescue?"
"Let me explain"

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Monday, March 16, 2009


Dear blog readers, I have come up with a decision after giving much thought about it. It is not 'I am going to stop writing' or something like that. I wont give you happy news like that. Ever. It is about one of the most irritating things IMHO. The decision is to, have Google Ads in my blog pages. Before taking any decision, please read through this post.

The first thing I want to assure is: I am NOT expecting my friends to click the ads. I am NOT expecting to become rich out of this. Then why in the world should I have them in my site? Just to experiment what is there in it and how it works. I will NOT have the ads in this main blog I have. I will only have that in my favourite dialogue blog. This blog will remain as pure as it is.

The average visits for my blog sites are around 150 per month. I know about 20 of my friends who visit my blog. All others are some anonymous visitors who visit the page from Google search. Why I am telling this is, to emphasize that, what I am doing is NOT out of an expectation from my friends. Why I keep telling is, I use to get offended if a blog site has Google ads. I don't know why, I used to get it. I don't want any of my readers to get offended.

I have heard a lot of times my friends saying that, 'Your blog is for what you feel like writing or having. You don't have to worry about what others will think'. But I feel it in a different way. I feel that I am honored when my friends (or anyone else) visit my blog. I would like to do whatever in my power to keep them visiting my blog. That said, I would like the finish this post with a small ancient story in Tamil. This story is supposed to have no relevance to this post :), and I am just telling this here.

An old woman who is very poor finds a new business, selling 'curd'. She invests all her money and buys a clay pot and some curd, getting ready for the first day business. She falls asleep and gets a dream: 'She sells all the curd and makes some good money of it and then she invests that money and makes more money out of it and more and more money out of the business. She becomes so rich that she has got a lot of servants. One of the servants when serving her, is not good and that she kicks the servant out of anger.' All these things happen in the dream and in real she has kicked the clay pot and lost all that she has got.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Power of 50 Paisa

[Some of the content in this post is not appropriate for all audience, as it contains some suggestive material. Readers' discretion is required.]

I think I can start a separate blog for my travel experience; don't think that it would be about tourist spots and my holiday plans; it is about how horrible traveling has become today and the various aspects of traveling.

Let me tell you one of the various aspects. It is the 50 paisa the bus conductors never give back. It happens in Tamil Nadu, India. If the ticket costs X rupees 50 paisa, then it could very well be considered as Y rupees, where Y = X + 1. It is almost always the case. The only way you can get that 50 paisa, is to give a 50 paisa and get one rupees instead.

In my personal experience, it has happened many a times. Very very rarely a few conductors give back to money, but rest of the time, it is impossible. If you ask that 50 paisa change, they would get furious as though we asked a night-out with their wife. Their attitude gets very bad even if you ask for the first time.

You wont believe me, but this happened to me. Once, when I had to get one rupee as remaining, the bus conductor gave me 50 paisa. It really happened to me. If I had to get 50 paisa, he would not have given that :) I didn't ask for another 50 paisa as I thought I can use that 50 paisa somewhere else to save someother time.

The reason I don't ask remaining money is because of some other experience. Once, when I was in a bus, a passenger had to get .5 rupee as balance. As usual, the conductor didn't give that money back. But the passenger was a tough guy (mentally, not physically). He kept asking for the balance and the conductor kept saying he would give it later. Both of them got furious and there was almost a fight.

The driver stopped the bus and they both started shouting at that guy. So, he had to get down. Of course, when he left, he said something like, *I would consider that I had given you that 50 paisa for * [I would say it was because he was furious and went to Level II. Had that guy been in Level I, he might have stopped with the wife :). A sheer observation of public and sometimes myself, gave this knowledge. There is a Level III which is very rare to see or to get, which I wont discuss here].

There are two things that could be done. They are:
  1. The government has to change all the ticket price to be of a integer (no decimal parts). If government does that, I am sure its revenue could increase in crores per week.
  2. If someone is denied a 50 paisa, they can watch for others and ask them to give 50 paisa less. An understanding that people has to have, but very hard to achieve that.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brainy Friend - Part I - Prologue

[Disclaimer: I am planning to write a completely imaginary story. It may end up un-proceeded like this one. Let me try to complete it. All characters are completely imaginary and all the things explained are completely imaginary. Don't try things that come in this story in your home :)]

Lets jump into the story... The name of the hero of our story is Satesh. The story goes like this...

Despite being a software engineer, Satesh had a great interest in Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani and other natural therapies. He is not as expertised in these therapies as his software skills. Whenever he gets free time, he would Yahoo! it and study and learn about these things. Since he lives in a completely disciplined way, he needed only five hours of sleep. So, rest of the time he was not doing office work, he would do research.

Though he was more intelligent than most of the intelligent people in the world, he had always been greedy to become more and more intelligent. So, he started a new project called 'Brainy' in his Mac laptop. The purpose of the project was to find a new potion that would increase the intellectual capacity of his brain to an extraordinary limits.

So, in a brute force way, he just started adding all the herbs and things that are known to increase the brain power. Some of the ingredients include Centella asiatica, Ash friut, Arokya 4.5 milk, Tata salt and other 100 ingredients whose name we cant pronounce. He processed them at his intuition and prepared the potion after 8 days.

The potion had turned into a fluorescent green and was stinking like, you know that. Somehow Satesh felt that he had created the potion correctly but the look and smell offended him. He could not throw it away; after all, he had come up with a tumbler of potion from 100 kgs of ingredients. Not knowing what to do, and not willing to discuss this with his friends as they may make fun of him, he decided to go for lots. If YES comes, he would drink it and if NO comes, he would try to go for the lots again :)

He tried 99 times and only NO came. Tired of this, he thought, if the 100th time also NO comes, he would give up his idea. So, he put the lots and picked it up and read it. It was NO again. Then he came to know that, he would anyhow drink it, and, without any thinking, in a fraction of a second, he gulped half of the potion. Despite the look and the smell, the potion tasted like elixir.

For the first few minutes there was no reaction. He tried to do complex arithmetic in his mind but could not do any faster. He tried to solve hard Sodoku and he could solve it only in 45 seconds as his usual record. When, he was thinking that the entire experiment was a crap, suddenly, he felt an unexplainable feeling in his body.

Was it pain? Was it pleasure? Was it nice? After all, it was unexplainable. [But I know how it felt... it felt as though 100s of ants had appeared inside his body and was happily wandering on his skin from inside his body] He could not even shout for help and he was in his room alone. When he thought, he is going to die the next second, he heard a voice, "Hello Satesh...". A voice he had never heard before... Even before he could recognize the voice, he fainted and fell heavily on the floor.

To be continued...

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[P.S.: I am sorry, if my story has some influence of the great story teller Vijay. After all, I am his fan and I don't feel shame if this has some influence of his stories]