Thursday, December 31, 2009


I don't know when I became like that, but in recent years, I really lost the sense and taste of wishing New Year or Pongal or Birthday or Ramjan or Deepavali or Christmas, etc. What do we give or what do we get by uttering "Wish You A Happy *"? I don't know. Hmm... thinking deeply, I can deduce the following as the reasons.
  • Having seen a lot of advertisement simply telling "Happy Bull Shit"
  • Having seen a lot of people faking hearty wishes when they actually don't give a shit
  • Lost the actual interest in any of the festivals and birthdays
  • Getting a lot of spam mails sent for 100s or 1000s in BCC via a pre-created group, without even knowing who are all the people present in the group.
When I started seeing festivals as the reason for people to do heavy shopping and simply watching TV, I lost hope in that. All we need is an excuse to spend and shop. When the festivals were scarce, it was okay, but now, the consumerism has gone to such an extent that every month will have some festival or some day brothers day, sisters day, fathers day, mothers day, lovers days, atchaya-thrithi, aadi-month, kaarthigai-month, etc. hmm...

But it is not that I don't want to wish people good luck on special day for them. I would like to wish my friends a happy birthday or a happy anniversary day (if they are happy ;)). But, new year, or pongal, or etc. I lost interest.

But anyhow, I have to be a Roman when I am in Rome. For my friends, I wish them good luck in the coming year! I don't want to say the stereotypical "Wish You A Happy New Year". Have fun and enjoy!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pleae Take Your Seat - A Flashback!

"Please take your seat" said the VP of SBOA HSS and nervously, immediately and moronically I sat on the only seat available and that is one of the most foolish things I have ever done in my life which I can never forget. I was very nervous on that day. It was an interview with the school officials and I was extremely afraid about that.

Having been in a Tamil medium school from 6th to 10th in a very small village and having absolutely no knowledge in English, even studying in Tanjavur or Trichy freaked me out. But I wanted to study in English medium as I thought that would help me have a smooth college life. But Chennai? and that too one of the most reputed schools? I was not ready.

I mugged up the first lesson in Physics fully and I studied a bit in all other subjects also. I had my cousin teaching me. I was ready to answer any 2 marks questions they may ask :). On that interview day, I and my father went to that school. Oh boy... never seen such a big school. My fear reached the maximum.

"What would they ask me? and what should I answer?", I asked my dad (of course, in Tamil). He told me some simple questions they may ask and some simple answer I should deliver. Every moment when I was inside the campus, it lost hope. Even small kids were talking in English. "I am dead", I thought. Finally, my interview was going to start. I and my father went inside the room.

"Please take your seat", said the VP.
"No... not you... Your father!", said another staff who was in there. At the same speed I sat, I stood up and gave the seat to my father. This thing always use to haunt me. 'Why was I so stupid and lame and pathetic?' This was just a beginning. I have done even more amazing comedy in the first few days of my school life.

But, why am I writing this? Because one of my friends had asked me specifically to write things which would humiliate me, and I didn't want to disappoint one of the very few living beings in the world who reads my blog, and so, I am posting this.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Boys Vs Girls

[It is a cheap technique to have the title like this, I know, to attract audience (if at all there are any). But this is a genuine topic I wanted to blog about. This is just a conversation during a breakfast time with my colleague.]

"When I started learning swimming, there would be a lot of girls who would win me easily and I had felt ashamed", told my friend, during a chat about his victories in swimming competitions.
"But after you had mastered, you would have won them very easily right?", I asked.
"Yes, of course man"
"If there is a competition between a girl and a boy, both having the same level of practice and same age, who would win?"
"Obviously the boy, swimming needs a lot of muscular power which boys have more than girls"
"Hmm... I have always wondered, what is the sport or game or anything in which girls have more chances to beat boys?"
"Hmm... (thinking)"
"I think the world champions in carom are girls and that too from India and I think they are from south (no racist intention, but that was purely for information purpose and to prove that my guess would be approved to be right). Since carom does not need any physical power, I think they had won. But why not in chess? Why can't there be a woman world champion? Chess does not need physical strength..."
"Chess needs a lot of thinking, so women can't beat men"
"What? Why not? Is it that men or more intelligent than women"
"Not like that, but, Testosterone, a hormone required for mathematical calculation power, is present in men multiple times more than women" (Later we investigated about this aspect and found that this information is NOT correct. You can refer this link for more information)
"Hmm... too bad... Can you think of anything in which girls are better?... I think girls have more chances to be better in spirituality (completely my guess and could be 200% wrong)"
"Women are the best when it comes to counseling and consoling. Men don't stand a chance"
(by this time, we were done with our breakfast and we started to leave)
"So, is there anything in which you were beaten by a girl", my friend asked me.
"Hmm... during my school life when I was in co-education, I could never manage to get the first rank. It was always a girl who got the first rank"
(at this time, we both realized the fact)
"Man... how come we didn't think about this. Girls... they always beat boys in studies in school. Every year, the pass percentage, the top scorer, everything, girls would top", told my friend and was happy to have found a valid answer.
"It is because, boys spend most of the times thinking about girls rather than the studies :)", I told (in a completely funny note).
Laughing, we both went to start our work!