Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Story You May Not Like - Part II

[Please click here to read the first part of this story. This is a continuation of that post.]

When Aravind was confused, he got a call back in two minutes. Saravanan sounded excited and he told, "The driver has made arrangements for the wiper da... but the passengers were going to complain about the driver and change the driver. There was a lot of excitement... so only I couldn't pick up the call da".

"I am at least happy that the wiper is arranged", said Aravind.
"But all the passengers have irritated the driver da. He is driving like crazy.", Sarvanan's voice was heavy.
"It is okay da. They would have encountered such things millions of times. Not to worry. Don't worry. You will reach safely."
"Hmm... lets hope so... Aravind, you had your dinner?"
"No da... that is the problem. Here also it is raining and there is nothing here to cook and I am starving da. Don't know what to do."
"Oh shit... your voice was dull and worried from the beginning da. I sensed it, but I was blabbering about my problems. What to do now?"
"I am thinking of going out to have dinner. But at this time only A2B restaurant be open."
"It is far away right? You can't walk to the restaurant da."
"I know da. I am thinking of taking your bike. Do you have enough petrol?"
"Aravind... you don't know riding the bike well. That too, it is night time and is raining. You don't even know the road conditions. I don't think you have to do this. Take an auto da."
"Its okay da. There wont be any traffic and I can ride slowly and safely. I am hungry like hell. Auto guys will ask triple the amount now."
"Take care da. I am not happy with this idea, but please be very very careful. Call me once you are back. I will be waiting for your call."

It was time Saravanan started worrying about Aravind rather than himself. He tried to fall asleep, but he couldn't. He can't even close his eyes. So, he took out his mobile and smsed Aravind "Don't forget to call me once you reach home. I will be waiting for your call". Since calling Aravind would be risky, he smsed him, as it was possible for Aravind to be riding the bike. Aravind received this sms when he was enjoying the dinner and read this sms. He smiled and kept the mobile inside to finish his dinner.

After he finished the dinner, when he was about to leave to his room from the restaurant, he thought of sending an sms to Saravanan and typed his number and typed the message, "I reached home safely. Don't worry about me. Sleep tight. We will meet tomorrow." Within minutes, a sudden brake happened in both of their lives. Aravind's sms became a lie and he never met him after that in his life... After all, how can Aravind meet someone who didn't exist in his world...

[After several hours, many minutes, and a few seconds later...]

"I should have died... not you... I am responsible for your death..." murmured Saravanan without crying, but still very sadly. He heard Aravind's voice "Don't even think like that da... Even if you have died and I was alive, it wouldn't have changed anything. We are playing against hard computer and 2 vs 5 is very very tough right? Wait... I will call Suresh... He plays Counter Strike very well... If we three play, we can device a better strategy and we can play 3 vs 6"... Aravind took out his mobile and typed Suresh's number and called him. In a moment, he shouted, "shit.. how many times would I do this mistake of typing the wrong number?" and started to type Suresh's number again...