Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Unfinished Story

[Disclaimer: Everything that takes place in this unfinished story is purely imaginary]

Senthan never believes forward mails, especially those which ask him to forward to some number of people, promising fortune and which threatens disaster if not forwarded to others. He is sick of those kinds of mails. His disbelief increased a lot after he read this blog. But he is a little confused, worried and afraid today.

For the past one week he had been feeling pain in his chest, and that too in the left side, whenever he lies down to sleep. To add to his fear, there was a definite pain in his left hand. With his very little medical knowledge, these two are the strong symptoms for heart attack. So, everyday he slept, for the past one week, he thought he wont wake up.

But today is different. He heard a lot of problems in the family; the cliched misunderstanding between family members, his bank balance is utter low, his friends asking back their money Senthan had got from them, work pressure from office, other health issues, etc. Everything came at the same day. He was almost sure, he would get a severe heart attack tonight.

To relax himself, he started checking his mails in his Yahoo mail inbox. One of the mails asked him to forward it and that if he would not forward it, he would die in two days. It was the day before yesterday. He didn't forward it to anybody, though something inside him urged him to. He remembered that suddenly today. Disregarding that and to sleep, he lied down on his bed.

The worry just kept increasing. Senthan was not worried about dying young, was not worried about dying as a virgin, was not worried that he had not even flirted with girls, was not worried that he hadn't even had a single fag, was not worried about the loans he had to pay back and the home loan and the only property he ever owned, was not worried about all his ambitions that would die along with him, if it happens.

He was worried about only two things. First being the family, he just called his family and talked to his father and mother casually. He then asked them to give the phone to his only brother and he advised his brother to study properly and get a good job. The second worry, being his unfinished story in his blog and that he didn't want to disappoint his blog readers, he started to write a blog to finish the unfinished story. When he was about to finish the story, he felt an severe pain in his heart and