Monday, January 14, 2008

Forward Mails

[Disclaimer: Not recommended for very sensitive people. I am not responsible if you are hurt by this blog. If at any point of time, you realize that you may be offended, please do not read further. I want every customer of my blog to be happy and I want everyone to come again.]

Hmm... nothing new of course. What to do? Having some free time. So, thought of talking something about Forward Mails. To make this mokka topic (still more mokkai or) somewhat interesting, let me tell you a story first, which was published in the first or second edition of Chip Magazine on 1997 (First Chip came as Chip and then it got renamed to Digit and then again new Chip started to come. I do not know whether both are available nowadays).

One of the authors of the magazine got a mail, with a story: A lady (or for 100% sure, in the name of a lady) writes a mail that, she has gone to a hotel and had a special dish that she did not inquire the price of the item that it turned out to be very costly that she was embarrassed for not having enough money that she wanted to take revenge for the hotel that she has somehow managed to get the recipe for the special item that she is going to make everyone aware of how to make the dish that she is sending a mail with the recipe that we all (all fools and vettis) have to send the mail to everyone they know of. The author with a shame admitted that he even forwarded the mail without analyzing that he later recognized that that was a junk mail, I am not clear.

Those were about 10 years earlier, when very few knew about these junk mails. Later, this has taken multiple forms and the most irritating (sometimes making me to talk very [really very] bad words) form is: AOL and\or Microsoft has admitted to give you 5 paise for every time you forward this mail that we have to forward the mail to everyone we know of. Bloody shit! what the ****? Why in the **** AOL or Microsoft has to give us money for simply creating junk traffic in the internet world?

Later all the fools recognized that they were fooled, that they did not even ask for bank account or anything that the money could not reach them. Later it took another form that if you forward a mail to your friends, someone else will get the money (aanalum idhaiyum namburaangapa, I do not know how). Someone who lost a child and husband needs to undergo operation or someone who is very poor needs money to undergo operation something like that. AOL and Microsoft does not have anything to do and they have created a very complex algorithm to track where and all the junk (and ****ing) mail goes and they will one day knock your doors and give you a cheque. Is that so?

People somehow recognized about this nature of mails also. And now, it has taken a very sensitive form which is what confusing me. A 2 year or 3 year old child needs to take a open-heart surgery and they need blood and that we have to forward the mail to everyone we know of so that someone could help them. Since this is very sensitive, I can not simply say that it is junk. I have never known anyone who personally knew the subject-in-need. So, if at all you do not know (or at least you know the someone who knows the needy person directly) please do not forward the mails.

Just because there are 1000s of junk mails a real needy person should not miss what he desperately wants. I never forwarded any mail which asks me to forward it (unless the theme of the mail is to make the other laugh). I have it as a policy. I might have done a mistake of not forwarding a real genuine mail. But the chances for the Forward mails to be genuine is one in a million, in my opinion.

There is one more form which is also equally irritating. Asking us to forward a mail with a friendhip band (****ing band) that we have to send to all our friends. And the most ****ing part of the mail is that, it will ask us to send to the sender itself if he is our friend. This will create an infinte loop isn't it? Bloody ****! We don't have to be a bloody fool to be friend of a bloody fool. If that is the only way possible to prove that we are a friend to the sender, lets part from them, in my opinion.

But this is not the only medium these junk things are availble. It is present for centuries I hope so. I even got a letter (postal letter) when I was studying in school that I had to write the same content and send letters to 20 or 30 people. If we do that, we will get luck in a week, otherwise, we will die (or lose something or something disastrous will happen). God does not have anything to do and he watches and makes sure that all the people he created are behaving like fools. Is that so? This is even available in e-mails also.

The tougher part of the story is that, even brilliant, educated people send these junk mails. That is what disappointing. Lets hope these junk things are extinguished at least in the future or make sure that at least we do not do these junk things.

[P. S.: Sorry for writing such a big blog. Everything I told is in my opinion. Your opinions are most welcome. I am sorry, if any of you are hurt.]
[A.P.S.: To make this junk blog a junker one, I wish to say this: *Please let everyone you know of to read this blog* :D eppudi, mulla mullala thaan edukanum [diamond cuts diamond])


murkymind said...

That was a very hilarious blog. I'm sure I'm not hurt :-). Even I had second thought that they might be true because the mail content was formed very believing and it came from very reliable not-a-common-fool kind of friends. But when I saw the obvious junks around I lost the belief eventually. I hope those innocent people read this blog. As you said, we can form a forward for everyone to read this blog. What do you say? Telling that if they don't read this blog, they will get Rs.5000 deducted from their bank account ;-)

amudhan said...

@murkymind: That is a good suggestion da :D