Friday, December 15, 2006

Gothic II - The game which spoils my SCWCD plan :)

I have started playing yet another game and it is also, like all other games which I had played, had eaten enough of my time already. This game is about a hero who died in the battle getting a life given by a nacromancer. This hero, though got a new life is not as powerful as he used to be. So to regain his power, he has to get an artifact of God, for that he has to become a member of the city in which the artifact is present. Becoming a member of the city involves various things to be accomplished. The game proceeds like a real world. Whatever you do, good or bad, will have side effects. Once you get the artifact, the game BIGINS! The final coment about the game is: It is a very good game! If you get a chance to play this, do not miss the chance.