Friday, July 31, 2009

A Completely Imaginary Story

[Disclaimer: This story is not recommended for anyone who is not 18+ years old. This post contains suggestive materials which are not recommended for everyone, even if they are adults. Readers' discretion is required]

Vignesh has never felt like this. Mentally, his whole body is shaking, but physically, he is just all right. He can not say whether he is excited or tensed or worried. After all, this is the first time he is going to do that thing. The first time anxiety has taken over his entire stability. Though he was sure that he is going to get a damn good experience, he is worried about the safety also. He just wanted to get advice from his friend.

"I am just nervous. I am worried about the safety", he told his friend. "Come on... SHE is awesome... this is what you have been dreaming for so long. You have got the chance. Don't be afraid. Go ahead... Good luck", encouraged his friend with a smile and a wink. Vignesh knew that this would be the encouragement which he will get from any of his friends, though, if they get an opportunity to do that thing, they will also be tensed.

Vignesh is the kind of the man who tells/confesses everything (of course, not everything, but almost everything) with his parents and brother. But will they understand him if he tells them about this? Will they ever forgive if they come to know about this later? After all, everyone (of course, not everyone, but almost everyone) will do this thing before their marriage (I don't know what they think... perhaps they think loyalty is a dog thing???)

One of Vignesh's thousands of thoughts is 'In this present world, my wife may appreciate me about this'. He has done enough thinking. He realized that no matter how much he thinks, he is NOT going to lose such an opportunity. So, he consoled himself that ' though my parents and brother does not have enough maturity to know the current trend, they will be happy once they see the result. They may be a little worried about what the relatives, who don't know anything about software industry, will think if they come to know that I quit Infosys and join this unknown product company called Software for Hyper Enterprises (SHE). But this salary hike at this point of time is extremely needed and even my wife (if I get someone soon) may appreciate this'

He went to his computer and started a mail with subject "Resignation Letter" after working in that company for six years, his hands starting to shiver a little bit physically also!