Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Top 10 Tamil Old Songs

The following is my list of Top 10 old Tamil Songs. [Why is this post in English? Well, this post was written around an year and half and I have been thinking of translating this to Tamil for the past six or seven months. Since it is now clear that I would never translate it, I am posting it in English rather than keep it till... say... forever...]

10) Senthemizh Theanmozhiyaal - Maalai Itta Mangai
No top 10 old Tamil songs list would be complete if this song is not there. A lovey romantic song.

9) Samarasam Ulavum Idame - Rambayin Kathal
This song is mainly in this list for the majestic voice of Seekazhi Govindarajan.

8) Kannale Pesi Pesi Kolladhe - Adutha Veetu Pen
A very good romantic song, with very good lyrics. It is here mainly because of the romantic note in this song.

7) Ullam Enbadhu Aamai - Paarthal Pasi Theerum
Philosophical song with a good melody.

6) Naan Kaatru Vaanga Ponen -Kalangarai Vilakam
A very romantic song indeed.

5) Kanne Raja Kavalai Vendam - Bhagyalakshmi
I get touched whenever I listen to this song, as this is one of the songs my mom use to sing whenever I found difficult to sleep when I was a kid

4) Naan Aanai Ittal -Enga Veetu Pillai
Should I tell anything about this song? One of the most energetic songs in the old-Tamil-movie era.

3) Malarnthum Malaraadha - Paasa Malar
An unbelievable song. If not for the melancholy, this would have been in the top of the list.

2) Ullathil Nalla Ullam - Karnan
Wow... what a song! - kinda song is this one.

1) The number song is... is... is...

Are you ready? What is your song?

Here we go...

1) Neerodum Vaigaiyile - Paar Magale Paar

I had a great dilemma whether to keep this or Malarndhum Malaradha in the first place. Both are unbelievably awesome songs! Aren't they?

This is my list. There would definitely be awesome songs I would have left. Let me know the songs which you think 'without this song, any top 10 list wont be valid'. I would love to hear those songs. If you have read this till this line (or jumped directly), thank you and here is the reward :)


S. Gunasekaran said...

You must provide links to these songs.Otherwise how will people know whether they are good or not.Everybody wouldn't have heard all songs in the list.
In my opinion "Kannale Pesi Pesi Kolladhe" has no place in a top ten list.

amudhan said...

Appa... I had given the link which has a playlist containing all the songs... It is somewhere hidden in the post... Hidden treasure... :)

It will be rewarding to find the link and just clicking it will play my top 10 songs in the order they have appeared in the post...

amudhan said...

Also, "Kannale Pesi Pesi Kolladhe" is a very nice romantic song... isn't it? I wanted to have "Chinna Arumbu Malarum" in the list. I couldn't find it in Raaga... so had this... if I had got that song, I would have removed "Kannale Pesi" and added that.

S. Gunasekaran said...

VRK asked me why there is no link to the songs.As I already know all these songs I gave only a cursory look at the post. I didn't read the last para.I will tell him.

Anonymous said...

Adding to the list,

- paatum naane from 'thiruvilaiyadal'
- nenjam marapadhillai
- sivagami maganidam from 'pattanathil poodham'

vijay said...

had a nice evening hearing ur list and other old songs.
Somehow I feel that this list was formed with a mindset that it should be a diversified list.

some of my favorites:
paatum naane - thiruvilaiyadal
adho andha paravai pola - aayirathil oruvan
Athi Kaai Kaai Kaai - Balae Pandiya
Olimayamana Ethirkalam - Pachai Vilakku
Intha Pachai Killikoru - Neethikku Thalai Vanangu

amudhan said...

Thank you for sharing lovely songs... and thanks a lot for your comments

Thanks a lot Vijay, for your comment... I had to remove some songs and add some other songs as they all fell in two category (romantic or sad), but anyways, these are amazing songs right?

Thanks for sharing your favorite songs... they are all lovely songs indeed...

Shyam said...

Wow, special thanks for this blog.
Malarnthum Malaraadha ,Neerodum Vaigaiyile and Ullathil Nalla Ullam are my all time favourite.
Of course, every person likes Senthamil Thenmozhiyal...the initial portion "Silendru vesum..." amazing lyrics and wonderful rendering by TR Mahalingham.

Here you go, this is my fav list.
Isai tamil nee seitha arum sadhanai...
-Its divine.If GOD asks me to make a wish,my answer would be "I want to be T R Mahalingham's vocal chords"[I know its too much, but that much I love his voice].
Good music indeed brings the soul out of you, make you feel that you don't exist, bringing you close to The soul of the world.So much to say about this song.
Malai pozhudin mayakathile naan...
-Beautiful melody with a tint of melancholy. "P. Susheela", no words.
Aaru maname aaru...
-Thathuva paadal,excellant lyrics.
Nelave ennidam nerungathe...
-sad romantic song.No one can replace P.B.Srinivas
Thesulavudhe Then Malarale...
-mixture of beautiful raagas, the feel is totally different from any of the songs I heard.I want to learn music to appreciate this better.
Konjum mozhi sollum kiliye...[Parasakthi]
-very nice lullaby.Many times I have tortured my mom to sing this song.:-)
Sindhu nadhiyin isai nilavinile...
-Patriotic, I feel proud hearing this, who else can compose it,its our "Bharathi".Special Credits to M.S. Viswanathan & T.K. Ramamurthy.
Padatha patellam pada vanthal...
-Beautiful Romantic song...Another great song by P.B.S.

There are lots more, will try to post the links for these as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amudhan,

Nice list indeed. Check my blog of old thathuvam songs.


Anonymous said...

All listed songs are good.. I want to add to that some of my fav

Thullada Manamum thullum - Jikki Voice (lullaby)

Chinna chinna kannile .. gemini songs

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Unknown said...

Hi. What is the English translation for Kanne Raja Kavalai Vendam? Thanks.

Peaches said...

Hi. What is the English translation for Kanne Raja Kavalai Vendam? Thanks.

Peaches said...

Hi. What is the English translation for Kanne Raja Kavalai Vendam? Thanks.

Rustam Sayal said...

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