Saturday, June 23, 2007

Idea Aiyasamy - How to blog wihtout going to

I am proud to introduce one more character *Idea Aiyasamy* (to accompany *Karuththu Kandasamy* and *Mokka Muththusamy*) to you all (I could hear some of you saying, "Who asked you to? :) ); wearing this mask I will give you some tips and tricks (trying very hard not to be cliched ideas). First of all the ideas, I wanted to talk about blogging which makes this idea applicable only for bloggers; and I am sorry about this.

Yes, we do not need to go to, log-in, click the *New Post* and then again click the *Publish* button. You can simply send a mail and that mail will become a blog (with subject as the heading). Simple isn't it? But before that you have to configure your account settings, a one time job. Click on the *Settings* link of your blog and then click the *Email* link under it. There you could see two rows. First row is to let you get a mail if anything is published in your blog and the next row, you will be asked to configure *Mail-to-Blogger Address* which will have your name as un-editable field and a text field you have to fill in. Fill in the text field with any word to make it a email address for example like this. And also enable the Publish option by checking the check-box.

You are done! From then onwards, you could just send an email to that configured mail address (from any of your email account) and it will become a blog!!! So, if you are in office and have some free time, you could simply type the content as a email and send it to the configured mail id, thus publishing the blog. You do not have to reveal anyone that you are blogging in the office (and I strongly advice you not to blog in office time when you have work :) ).


I could hear someone doubting (sarcastically) that, *but you said you will try hard not to discuss cliched ideas? did you lie about that?*

I also could hear some of you saying that the conventional way of blogging is far better than this stupid idea :). But this one is particularly helpful when you do not want to be noticed, while blogging.

Do not reveal to anyone, the mail id you configured as any one could simply send a mail and publich blog in your website. (And do not try to send any mail to the mail id I used for example if you do not want to get bounced-mail ;) )

Karuththu Kandasamy - Reject any proposal that give you short time to think over. (life lesson)

I always learn things by experience; and I have heard of a saying "Experience is a costly school; only fools will learn from it" (but here trying to be optimistic, I could take that I am rich guy learning in a costly school :) ). I have a lot of brilliant people who could advice me very well, but I just do not understand till I experience it. This is one of the greatest advices I have had from my father and that I now understood after experiencing (I used experience a lot of times, I guess) it. Mark my words, *Reject any proposal that gives you a very limited time to think about it*. This is a life lesson; following which you could save a lot of your life (by reducing your BP, tension, etc). When I say something, I want to give you examples only then we could understand the karuththu well.

Here goes the example: One day I got a mail from one of my colleagues at about 11 AM that LIC had announced a very precious scheme and that it is going to be over by 3 PM in the same day and that 1000s of applications are already in queue and that getting that policy will be very tough and that it is very beneficiary, and that bla bla bla. I was so much intrigued by that and called up my father immediately and told him about that. He said coolly that it is all marketing tricks and that I had to wait and think before applying for it. I did not listen to him; got money from my friends (I did not even have money by that time) and got the policy, feeling very proud of my decision.

The next day, the same representative called me up and asked, 'do you have any friends you could refer?'. I was shocked and asked her whether the scheme is still available. She said plainly that the scheme has been extended for one week. Later after some weeks she again asked me to refer any friends saying that the scheme is extended for one month!!! What the heck? I thought and I felt myself as a jackass (and as a matter of fact the scheme is still available after an year :( ). Thank God it is an LIC policy; anyhow I will need it. What if, if that has happened for something very risky? So, what I want to say is that, *unless and otherwise you are given sufficient time to think of any proposal, just ignore it, how much ever it looks precious, unless and otherwise you will any how get that even without the scheme*. Just share your opinions and karuththus about this karuththu; also you could write an example of your experience.

Mokka Muthusamy: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

I am just a new born baby in the Harry Potter world, new friend to Harry, yet-another-guy who longs to enter 9 3/4 platform, who longs to have a broomstick (that could fly, of course), who longs to watch the Quidditch match, who longs to play wizard chess, etc. I hope most of you (again, as though 100s of people are reading this), would have read Harry Potter many times and there would be 1000s of bloggers blogging about this and 100s of Orkut communities etc. But that is not going to stop me from saying what I want to say. First of all, I would like to confess something. I am a conservative sometimes and I do not want to adopt new things; for example, listening to new movie songs, etc. Like this, I had refrained myself from reading HP (Harry Potter) for a long time thinking that everyone is just creating scenes by reading\talking\blogging\ about HP.

But for a very very close friend of mine who presented me all the six volumes of HP as my birthday gift, I had to start to read HP. The moment I started reading that book, the moment I started liking it. First I thought that having seen the movie, it wouldn't be nice to read that; but that is not true. Reading that book is much more fun and thrill than seeing the movie (but thank God, I have not seen the 2nd and 3rd part of the movies). If you are like me, thinking that reading the book would not be fun after watching the movie, just stop thinking like that and go ahead and read that book. Now that I have finished the first part, in a very less time, in the period I felt ill, in the period I had the most horrible personal problems. Being engrossed in Hogwards School has kept me reading and that relieved me from my personal worries.

After reading that book, I felt very thankful to my friend who had introduced his friend HP to me, and hope that you will also be to me, if this blog made you to read that book. I want to write a lot about this (and I will), how to read HP (similar to the blog Why To Watch Movies) and what will make you like HP (in case you have not read that already). So, what I want to convey from this blog is that, do not be a conservative and refrain yourself from reading it, and do not think that previous knowledge through the movie will lessen the fun of reading and more importantly do not think that HP is for kids (not in the sense that it also has some adult contents ;) but) in the sense that everyone will like it. Read that book (I would prefer to say 'study the book' instead) and share your comments whether, this blog is right or wrong.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Karuththu Kandasamy: Let not the company you work influence your big personal decisions.

This blog applies mainly to the software professionals. This is yet another great advice I learnt after having done the greatest mistakes I could ever make. The karuththu here is that, *Never ever make any personal decision based on the company you work*. Let not the company influence your decisions when you are going to make a big personal decision, as the life of a software engineer is like a life of a monkey jumping here and there. I would say that the life of a software engineer is worse than a monkey's life as monkeys do not go from forest to forest but software engineers go from company to company, state to state, country to country (thank God there is no company in Moon or Mars).

I have seen and I am also an example for this (in fact, I could serve as an example for many better-not-to-do to never-ever-do mistakes, and I will tell you all these in blogs-to-come). Buying a house, not in our native place, but near the company we work (at that time) is one such example. As we may not know where we would be after 2 year, or 2 months or 2 weeks. Having got a reasonably satisfying work and a good lead or manager, we tend to think that we will not shift the company and decide to buy a house near the company premise. Later after the company decides to shift to a luxurious premise located 40 KM away from the place, or the lead\manager is changed, or appraisal comes ( :) ), we will have to worry and keep worrying.

The fact that we bought a house will also make you hesitate to shift the company and being restless with the appraisal or the new (Hari Sadu) leads\managers or the new premise located far far away. So, the karuththu I want to say is that, do not make any big decision based on the company and the location of the company you work, including, finding a life partner (fortunately, I do not serve as an example for this :) ). Feel free to tell about your similar mistakes, and share your comments.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mokka Muthusamy: Why to watch movies?

*What kind of a question is this? Why to watch movies? Why anyone will watch movies? To have fun and for some time-pass.* I hope this would have been the first reaction for many who read this (I am talking as though hundreds of people are reading this :) ). In my perception, I watch movies to experience the rare situation and feelings which the characters in the films undergo. That is, there are some situations which will happen only in movies, some feelings which we could be felt only through movies.

For example: You come to know that your biggest real time enemy enemy is your lover in the internet (You've Got Mail), You can not lie whatever is the question asked (Liar Liar), You find yourself inside the house of cannibals (Wrong Turn), Fighting with your enemy knowing that you will die surely (Troy), You become the God (Bruce Almighty), etc. Such situations could possibly never happen in our life.

So, to experience those feelings and sentiments, we have to watch movies. Movies, which would put us in a situation that might never happen in life (ofcourse not like fighting with 100s of men, making men fly by daringly seeing at them, etc. they are non-sense :) ). This is just a mokkai (meaning useless talk in Tamil (I am talking as though readers from all over the world are reading this :) )) I wanted to share. I will also come up with another mokkai of how to watch a movie.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Karuththu Kandasamy: Say No at the first time!!! (life lesson)

This is one of the best advices I have ever got. My brother Karthik is one of my greatest inspirations, who has advised me a lot (and I follow most of them). The best of all the advices he has ever given me is: *Say No at the first time itself*. This means that, if you do not like to admit, give, indulge, etc. in anything that you friends, family, colleagues, etc. ask, request, suggest, etc. (sorry for this extremely bad sentence, grammar, usage, etc. with a lot of etc.) say *NO* at the first time itself. This is really tough to do, but failing to do so, will make you unhappy, disappointed, worried etc. later.

Let me tell you with an example, a real time example, which I had experienced. When I first bought a computer when I was studying in my college, my acquaintances wanted to watch movies in my system. I promised myself when I bought the system that, my system will never be used for entertainment (after all all the computers will have this resolution taken on them :) ). Not able to say *NO* at the first time, I allowed them. Soon before I could recognize, that has become a non-sense to my life. Strangers coming to my room to watch movies, play games etc (that became a non-sense as I love privacy when I am not with my friends).

Hope you understand this: this is a simple example, I am saying. Had I said *NO* at the first time, perhaps, I would have faced a little embarrassed to talk to those acquaintances for some days. I might not have lost my peace and happiness. So, if you are not 100% okay with any proposal, say *NO* at the first time, to avoid a great misunderstanding and fight at the later point. This is one of a life lessons, following will keep you happy throughout the life. Please share your comments on this.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Karuththu Kandasamy: Do not stop a parents who rectify their child's mistake!

This is one opinion I always wanted to share and spread. I have seen many parents, including my mom, who love children so much. Thinking that they show their love towards the children, they tend to stop or even scold the parents who are rectifying their child's mistakes. For example, when a child does not greet the guests who come to his\her house, the parents use to tell the child (with sweet voice in the beginning and then harshly, if that continues) to greet those who come. When they scold or teach or tell the child of the respect to be shown, the child-loving-guests use to say, *it is just a child... do not scold him\her... bla bla bla*.

One thing here to understand is that, only because it is a child, the parents have to teach moral. The parents will not be able to teach moral when the child becomes a no-longer-a-child. This is a simple example. Be it whatever, please do not stop any parents. In doing so, you will make a to-be-a-good-guy\girl to yet-another-teen.