Saturday, June 23, 2007

Karuththu Kandasamy - Reject any proposal that give you short time to think over. (life lesson)

I always learn things by experience; and I have heard of a saying "Experience is a costly school; only fools will learn from it" (but here trying to be optimistic, I could take that I am rich guy learning in a costly school :) ). I have a lot of brilliant people who could advice me very well, but I just do not understand till I experience it. This is one of the greatest advices I have had from my father and that I now understood after experiencing (I used experience a lot of times, I guess) it. Mark my words, *Reject any proposal that gives you a very limited time to think about it*. This is a life lesson; following which you could save a lot of your life (by reducing your BP, tension, etc). When I say something, I want to give you examples only then we could understand the karuththu well.

Here goes the example: One day I got a mail from one of my colleagues at about 11 AM that LIC had announced a very precious scheme and that it is going to be over by 3 PM in the same day and that 1000s of applications are already in queue and that getting that policy will be very tough and that it is very beneficiary, and that bla bla bla. I was so much intrigued by that and called up my father immediately and told him about that. He said coolly that it is all marketing tricks and that I had to wait and think before applying for it. I did not listen to him; got money from my friends (I did not even have money by that time) and got the policy, feeling very proud of my decision.

The next day, the same representative called me up and asked, 'do you have any friends you could refer?'. I was shocked and asked her whether the scheme is still available. She said plainly that the scheme has been extended for one week. Later after some weeks she again asked me to refer any friends saying that the scheme is extended for one month!!! What the heck? I thought and I felt myself as a jackass (and as a matter of fact the scheme is still available after an year :( ). Thank God it is an LIC policy; anyhow I will need it. What if, if that has happened for something very risky? So, what I want to say is that, *unless and otherwise you are given sufficient time to think of any proposal, just ignore it, how much ever it looks precious, unless and otherwise you will any how get that even without the scheme*. Just share your opinions and karuththus about this karuththu; also you could write an example of your experience.

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Prabakar said...

well said.... that's why I still haven't applied for any policy :-))))