Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mokka Muthusamy: Why to watch movies?

*What kind of a question is this? Why to watch movies? Why anyone will watch movies? To have fun and for some time-pass.* I hope this would have been the first reaction for many who read this (I am talking as though hundreds of people are reading this :) ). In my perception, I watch movies to experience the rare situation and feelings which the characters in the films undergo. That is, there are some situations which will happen only in movies, some feelings which we could be felt only through movies.

For example: You come to know that your biggest real time enemy enemy is your lover in the internet (You've Got Mail), You can not lie whatever is the question asked (Liar Liar), You find yourself inside the house of cannibals (Wrong Turn), Fighting with your enemy knowing that you will die surely (Troy), You become the God (Bruce Almighty), etc. Such situations could possibly never happen in our life.

So, to experience those feelings and sentiments, we have to watch movies. Movies, which would put us in a situation that might never happen in life (ofcourse not like fighting with 100s of men, making men fly by daringly seeing at them, etc. they are non-sense :) ). This is just a mokkai (meaning useless talk in Tamil (I am talking as though readers from all over the world are reading this :) )) I wanted to share. I will also come up with another mokkai of how to watch a movie.

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