Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Help Needed

[If you thought I was going to ask a help and still wanted to read this, I have to appreciate you. This blog is not about asking help. This is just a topic about help.]

Asking for a help is an art, in my opinion. The chances of getting the request done is completely dependent on how you ask for the help, and of course, to whom you ask and how big is the help, etc. There are a lot of various parameters involved in the success of getting the help done.

I am quite sure that everyone would know how to ask for the help and to whom to ask that help. But, what I wanted to convey is, how mature you should be before asking the help. Generally, when I ask for a help, I would consider that it is going to be rejected. You should be completely prepared to get your request declined. If you are not ready to face this, you should not ask for the help.

If you are not ready to hear a NO for your help request, it would mean that it is not a help you are asking, but you are ordering your friend/relative to do something for you. So, whenever you are going to ask for a help, no matter how close your friend/relative is, you should be ready to accept a NO from them.

If you are asking for a big help, a very critical help, and yet your friend/relative is not in a position to help you, you should never point that out in your future meetings with that guy. If you have vengeance for the declination, it would surely spoil the friendship. So, next time when you are going to ask for a help, ask yourself, "Am I ready if he/she says NO? Would I be able to like him/her even if it is rejected?".

If the answer is YES, you can go ahead and ask for the help. If it is NO, it is better you don't ask for that help. Of course, if the situation is too desperate, you can give an attempt, but you should be mentally prepared and matured to accept it and continue with the friendship.

This is my thought. Any comments? Want to refute it? Want to tell something? Want to give an example? You can leave a comment. This is just a filler blog written in just ten minutes without even thinking about it, as I desperately wanted to post a topic before June starts. So, forgive me if this is junk :)