Friday, March 26, 2010

A Bloody Post

[Disclaimer: The post contains offensive language and is not recommended for everyone. Readers' discretion is required]

I have been having a post "Quitting this cruel blogging" in my draft for more than one and a half months. I just wanted to make sure that I will stick to the content of the post and have been waiting to make sure I have the commitment. But suddenly this thing happened and I couldn't control. So, the post goes like this...

Recently I went to my friend's marriage and I traveled with my close friends. When the bus stopped for dinner, one of my friend's vanished. We searched for him and was shocked to find him standing in dark and smoking. He was not a smoker, but he told that he just had one fag as his room mates were making fun of him, that, he can not smoke. Now, he wants to smoke as and when it is possible.

I had a senior in my college who used to smoke a lot. He was noisy also. Later, I had got to know that he started smoking because people made fun of his appearance (he looked a little girlish). So, to prove that he is a 'man', he started smoking. I don't know how in the fuck smoking makes people think masculine... Smoking was once done only by men long time (or sometime) ago, but nowadays, girls are also smoking. I am really sick of this 'hey... be a man... smoke...' attitude.

If you guys want to prove that you are man, go and join army... or get married and father a child. Why in the hell you had to smoke to prove that you are a man? Medically, I think, the more you smoke, the less 'man' you become. If you say, "I like smoking... it helps me go to loo without any troubles... it helps me forget about my hunger... it helps me relieve my tension..." something like that, it is okay. Of course, it is NOT okay, but still acceptable. But saying that "I am smoking because I want to prove to my friends that I am a man" is really pathetic. You have to feel pathetic to think like that, because you are pathetic.

I don't know whether I have to feel pity or angry on guys like that. Who am I to feel pity or angry on them? I don't care if men want to become impotent or get cancer and die on their own free will. But it really hurts when friends suddenly start to do it just because they feel weak or inferior and they were insulted by crooked people to start smoking. I really am NOT sorry if my friends get hurt by reading this, because I am hurt more...