Thursday, October 23, 2008

Confirm Before You Communicate - Part I

It has been a long time since I met you guys through my blog. This post is about a few of my experiences, that have the potential of being lifelessons. The lesson is, confirm the other party when you are talking over phone or IM before you make funny comments or sarcastic remarks or harsh statements.

The first time when I wanted to shift my company, I have uploaded my resume in and I had got a call from a consultant about a company called Portware and I said okay to attend a telephonic interview. I attended it and I didn't do badly. Shortly after some time, I got another call. The other person told, she was the HR consultant and I I interpretted, out of excitement that, she was the consultant of the job consultency company and she was going to tell about future interviews.

She asked me how did I do my interview and I told I did well. I confirmed that she was just the job consultant. She then asked me to tell about myself. I got offended, 'why does she want to ask these questions?' and I answered insincerely (or sarcastically). I had been laughing when I was answering, happy about how funny I was to answer like that. She asked, "Are you laughing out there?" and I said, "Yes... it makes me laugh to tell about myself to others"; or something like that. The advantage about that is, I had been completely honest in answering the question and I didn't bother to answer ideal or standard answers.

The call went for more than the time a job consultant would prolong.  I started to get greatly annoyed and a little scared. Due to low battery, I asked her to call me to my second phone. After I cut the call, I realized that I had been talking to the HR consultant and not the job consultant. What kind of a fool I should have been? 

That is one of the incidences... I have more incidences that were more deadly. Even now, I haven't fully learnt the lesson. But believe me, no matter how good or great you are technically or personally, it only takes seconds to break the image and ditch you in a deep pit of shit. Though it is better if you don't use such remarks or comments, if you want to use it for fun, make sure you are talking\chatting to the right person.

P.S.: If at all you are curious, I got the offer from the company. You can share your experiences if you had any. If it is too dificult to write a comment, at least please vote for the poll in the right side of your brower window.