Monday, January 21, 2013

A Short Story

[Disclaimer : This post contains strong suggestive content that is not appropriate for young audience. Readers' discretion is required.]

[I wrote this when I was engaged and scheduled it to be posted after marriage. Just to be safe :)]

It was only him and her in that entire village... There was not a sight a single human being for some kilometer radius... And the sunset was creating a beautiful romantic scenery which went very well with the location... And to add to that, they had been in love with each other, very much...

"So, you are going to be like this? You are not going to take advantage of this beautiful romantic location", she asked. He didn't reply anything. He was still grumpy and was thinking seriously. "I know that the things between us has changed, but hey, you are still not married", she said. He was still silent. "Come on... I know that you are engaged... you are not cheating me...", she volunteered.

"I know... but now I have a new girl in my life... despite my belief, my parents actually succeeded in finding me a girl to marry...", he said. Now, she was silent. "I know that things have gotten a little complicated... I can't let my passion on you to do any damage to that innocent girl...", he added. "You know that you will always be very special to me in my entire life... after all you are the first..", he was interrupted by her saying "Don't go there... Past is past... what do you want to do now?"

He started to say, "I can't..", but was interrupted again by her asking, "You can't... or you don't want to?". He replied, "I can't risk my marriage by doing something which I will regret". She became a little angry and asked, "What about the past? What about all the passionate time we spent together? Does that not mean anything to you? As long as we do it safely, you will not have anything to regret"

It seemed to him that making her sensible is not possible and he started to get pissed by her insistence. For the first time he said, "No.. I am sorry... I wont do it.. I wont indulge in it with you anymore...". He thought that she will understand and let it go. But, no... she started to tease him... she knew that a little will be enough to get past his threshold... "I never thought you would be such a baby... Now, I regret that I even had a relationship with someone who is such a coward.. I..", she was interrupted by his yelling, "Shut up you little F... otherwise, I will kick your A.."

She was a little happy that he has been teased enough and said, "We both know that that is all I want you to do". It was too much for him. He knew it is not appropriate to indulge. But, not able to resist the temptation, he kicked the Accelerator of his Figo and reached a 140+ kmph on the much deserted scenic highway in the beautiful sunset.


Orignially, the post was over with the above paragraph, but since many of my friends didn't get the twist and judged me wrongly, I am going to copy paste the explanation I gave in the comments:

The idea behind the story is, the X is my/He's Car Figo.

Before being engaged, I used to drive very fast/rashly and after getting engaged, I was advised to drive carefully and slowly. When I was driving my car in a very deserted highway in the evening, I got the idea to write this blog. That, my car wants me to drive very fast and I am hesitating the drive fast. I just put a lot of dramatization.

"As long as we do it safely" is a reference for Seat Belt :)
"after all you are the first." is a reference for being the first car.
"Shut up you little F... otherwise, I will kick your A.." is a reference for my car Figo's Accelerator..