Sunday, August 26, 2007

Maturity - Different levels

[Disclaimer: This does not mean that I am very mature to classify and discuss about maturity. This blog is about, maturity in my opinion.]

What I mean by maturity is how one behaves in situations or how one handles situations. There could be various aspects of maturity and various form for it also. Different forms of maturity is like, how one behaves in happy moments, sad moments, frustrated moments, angry moments, etc. What I mean by different levels of maturity is, when they show the matured behavior.

For example, when taking a happy moments, showing maturity will mean not to make promises beyond our capacity, when talking about victorious moments, showing maturity will mean being modest, in angry moments, being mature will mean the ability to keep our mouth shut, etc. I would like the tell my opinion about the last case, different level of maturity in case of anger.

Being mature enough, in the first case, will avoid most of the situation to become angry. If we fail in that, being somewhat mature will stop from making the problem bigger. If again we fail in that, and if sudden increase in the maturity happens, we should be ready to apologize for shouting\hitting\sulking\ And if we fail to show maturity in all the previous incidence, there is yet one chance to show the maturity. Accepting whatever happened because of the showing anger and appreciating the consequence of bad temper and not showing any more vengeance.

Failing all, will mean a miserable consequence corresponding to the level of the problem and the level of your contribution, being restless, disappointed, worried, still-more-anger, etc. Why I think like this is, I have shown maturity in all the levels in some cases and in most of the cases, I have failed to show maturity in any levels, and in all such situation I was, anyone would be, restless or frustrated.

There is yet another form for maturity, which is to show maturity in humiliating or embarrassing situations. This would be a bit funny to discuss and I would like to spare a separate blog for that case. Feel free to spare your comments.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Exaggeration a tool for humor and horror.

I use to get an unintended grin when I think of Exaggeration. Everyone in the world tend to exaggerate things when they convey or discuss anything, or propagate a gossip, etc. The amount of exaggeration is what that differs and differentiate individual's reliability. I recently heard a very good joke about exaggeration. It is: A mother says to her daughter, "I would have told you a million times not to exaggerate things when you talk".

I remember the word *slapstick* which means the use of exaggerated violence that is intended for humor where if there is no exaggeration, then it will mean a vigorous violence. This is the technique used by many comedians, especially Vadivelu. Even when friends get together and talk about a victim, one among them who will be the target of the speech and will be made fun of, there will be a lot of exaggeration to add masala of the topic they talk about him/her.

On the other hand, when someone is told about someone about something negative, exaggeration will prove to be a drastic tool. A little amount of exaggeration is enough to make adverse effect. Since we always see a lot of people whose habit is to exaggerate even when talking about something which is not for fun, and how we loathe about that and how we always hesitate to believe whatever they say, I always try not to exaggerate things when I talk about serious things. And of course, when I fail and when I exaggerate, I will later despise myself for that, and of course it continues till now.

So, let me try and stop completely to exaggerate; and when I mean stopping, I mean that the exaggerating factor be very very less about +\- 0.0001%, as this is the percentage which will happen without our intention, because of the excitement. What more, let me finish with another PJ (poor joke) which I heard when I was a small kid. 'Three friends are taking and one of them says "I had seen a snake of this much length" and he stretches out his one arm to show the measure. Suddenly the second one says "I had seen a snake of thisss much length" and he stretches both of his arms as wide as possible. Now the third one, slaps hard on the second one's face and says "Now, how can I say a size which is more than yours?, You should have used one and a half arms so that I could have used two arms".'

I could overhear some of you saying, "But you told that you are going to say a PJ?" :D Feel free to comment or tell about your views\experiences.