Friday, May 30, 2008

Applicaiton Of Interest - Google Toolbar

It is a fashion to say "I love Google", "Google is cool", "Microsoft is nothing before Google", etc. Praising Google is one way to show that you are a modern technical savvy. I am no exception for that, but the difference is that, I REALLY love Google :D. The products they offer, their creative thinking, etc. is really awesome.

I have to admit that I am little conservative, in the sense, I would not try new things easily, but once I try them, if they are useful, I would love them (wow... how different am I? :) ). Google tool bar is available for a long time I hope so. But only recently I tried it and believe me, I love it. It has many features like, Google News, Lookup Definition, Spell Check, Gmail*, etc. But the coolest feature is, the Google Bookmark.

If you know what a Bookmark is, please skip to the next paragraph and if you know what a Google Bookmark is skip this post :D. For a very long time, I did not leverage the concept of bookmarks (or Favorites in Internet Explorer browser; yes, I was a conservative). You browse a long time, you google, and find a very useful site or a page which you think will be visited often by you. To avoid re-googling, you could save the site\page in your Bookmark. The next time you want to visit the page, you can simply go to the Bookmark menu item and choose the entry and you could get the page. The limitation of traditional bookmarking facility is that, it will be available only in your computer. Suppose, if you want to use the bookmarks in a different computer? There comes Google Bookmarks.

As you could guess, Google Bookmark is like a universal Bookmark. You have to have an account in Google, which I am 100% sure you already have. So, if you find a very exciting page (like ;) ), you can immediately bookmark the page in Google Bookmark instead of your PC's Bookmark. So, wherever you go, if you feel boring and want to spend some useful, funny, interesting time, you can access the page and enjoy.

How to use it? In case of IE (Internet Explorer), you have to download the Google tool bar application and install it. In case of Firefox, it is considered as an add-on. In both way, it is fairly simple and easy to install and use. It also supports managing the bookmarks in folders. Try it, and let me know your comments! Click here to install the Google Toolbar.

Google Toolbar in action:

[P.S.: The example I said above is completely non-sense, I know. You will never need Google Bookmark to remember such a lovely site like :D ]