Sunday, July 04, 2010

Short Story - Completely Imaginary

He normally hates to get stuck in that particular traffic signal as it is a very big junction and it would take a long time to get the green signal. He hates it very much as he gets stuck very often. But today it was different. Today, he liked the red signal and wanted it to be there for as long as possible, as waiting near him was a very beautiful girl.

He looked at her and surprisingly, she looked at him back. It was a casual exchange of sight but it continued for a long time. He first thought, 'Could she be blind?' and immediately disposed the idea as it was not possible. He casually turned back and checked whether she was looking at someone behind him and there was not anyone who looked even remotely a competition to him.

When the casual look was no more casual and when it became curious, only 15 seconds were left to get the green signal. He kicked his bike and started it. When he got green signal, he was waiting for the traffic in front of him to move. She thought, "Hmm... not bad... he is not like many other aggressive, born-for-impatience (அவசரத்துக்கு பொறந்த), annoying, irritating @$$^)!#s who blow horn the moment green signal was given...". He thought, "Shit! I have to get the battery recharged first... otherwise, I would have blown the horn to get her attention better..."