Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brainy Friend - Part I - Prologue

[Disclaimer: I am planning to write a completely imaginary story. It may end up un-proceeded like this one. Let me try to complete it. All characters are completely imaginary and all the things explained are completely imaginary. Don't try things that come in this story in your home :)]

Lets jump into the story... The name of the hero of our story is Satesh. The story goes like this...

Despite being a software engineer, Satesh had a great interest in Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani and other natural therapies. He is not as expertised in these therapies as his software skills. Whenever he gets free time, he would Yahoo! it and study and learn about these things. Since he lives in a completely disciplined way, he needed only five hours of sleep. So, rest of the time he was not doing office work, he would do research.

Though he was more intelligent than most of the intelligent people in the world, he had always been greedy to become more and more intelligent. So, he started a new project called 'Brainy' in his Mac laptop. The purpose of the project was to find a new potion that would increase the intellectual capacity of his brain to an extraordinary limits.

So, in a brute force way, he just started adding all the herbs and things that are known to increase the brain power. Some of the ingredients include Centella asiatica, Ash friut, Arokya 4.5 milk, Tata salt and other 100 ingredients whose name we cant pronounce. He processed them at his intuition and prepared the potion after 8 days.

The potion had turned into a fluorescent green and was stinking like, you know that. Somehow Satesh felt that he had created the potion correctly but the look and smell offended him. He could not throw it away; after all, he had come up with a tumbler of potion from 100 kgs of ingredients. Not knowing what to do, and not willing to discuss this with his friends as they may make fun of him, he decided to go for lots. If YES comes, he would drink it and if NO comes, he would try to go for the lots again :)

He tried 99 times and only NO came. Tired of this, he thought, if the 100th time also NO comes, he would give up his idea. So, he put the lots and picked it up and read it. It was NO again. Then he came to know that, he would anyhow drink it, and, without any thinking, in a fraction of a second, he gulped half of the potion. Despite the look and the smell, the potion tasted like elixir.

For the first few minutes there was no reaction. He tried to do complex arithmetic in his mind but could not do any faster. He tried to solve hard Sodoku and he could solve it only in 45 seconds as his usual record. When, he was thinking that the entire experiment was a crap, suddenly, he felt an unexplainable feeling in his body.

Was it pain? Was it pleasure? Was it nice? After all, it was unexplainable. [But I know how it felt... it felt as though 100s of ants had appeared inside his body and was happily wandering on his skin from inside his body] He could not even shout for help and he was in his room alone. When he thought, he is going to die the next second, he heard a voice, "Hello Satesh...". A voice he had never heard before... Even before he could recognize the voice, he fainted and fell heavily on the floor.

To be continued...

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[P.S.: I am sorry, if my story has some influence of the great story teller Vijay. After all, I am his fan and I don't feel shame if this has some influence of his stories]