Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brainy Friend - Part II - Result

[This is a sequel to Brainy Friend Part I post. It is highly recommended that you read that post first before reading this one. The disclaimer for that post holds good to this post also, as a matter of fact to all the posts for this story]

After what it seemed like eternity to Satesh, but in real, after 2 seconds, Satesh heard the same voice, talking calmly and slowly, "Too much of anything is good for nothing, isn't it?". Satesh didn't know what to tell or how to react. What he saw, was complete darkness. He shouted, "Who are you? Where am I? Am I abducted? What is happening to me? When...". Satesh was interrupted by the deep calm voice, "I just told you 'too much of anything is good for nothing'. It holds good for the number of questions you ask also".

"Where am I? What is happening to me?"
"Still, you are asking too much of questions. Which one should I answer?"
"Do you think it is funny, you bloody as..."
The voice interrupted Satesh again, "Don't scold yourself dear. Calm down and be cool"
"At last, you have asked one question. I think you are now calm. Listen to me Satesh, I think I am the result of your experiment."
"You think? What do you mean?"
"I am one more conscience from inside your brain. It is like I have got completely detached from your conscience. I reside in your brain. I am part of your brain, but I am independent. I also can control you body. You can consider that you have two brains now. I am YOU."
"This is too much for me to take. You mean I have a split personality?"
"I don't know much about split personality as you haven't read much about it. I know only what you know. So, from our knowledge, split personality would mean that we both can't be present at the same time. Since we both are present at the same time, I think it is not split personality"
"Oh.. then do you mean that I and you are like Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in the Fight Plan movie"
"I am not sure. In that movie, they act against each other isn't it? I wont act against you. I am YOU okay? I think, what I am, is a completely new phenomenon."
"Could be... I am confused... I think I will have to refer Yahoo health to find out if there is anything like that."
"I would do that for you"
"By the way, why did you start with a philosophy? That 'too much of bla bla bla?' And why did you have to be sarcastic to me? How could you be so calm when I was scared to death?"
"Haha... I thought you would figure that out. You, that is we, are one of the most brilliant guys in the world. But you were not satisfied. You tried to increase you intelligence beyond a normal person. I am the result of that isn't it? That is what I meant. I was not sarcastic. I was calm as I know there is nothing wrong. I did not want you to feel angst."
"Haha... but in my case, too much of anything is very good for something isn't it? By the way, now, can I consider myself as a super human?"
"You can consider yourself as a super human. But it wont be true. You wont be able to fly, you wont be able to punch through walls. You wont have spider webs coming from your wrist. All you can do is, you can use me to become more and more brainy. You can do whatever it is humanly impossible with respect to your body-and-mind"
"Could you please explain. I got no clue what you are talking about."
"Where do you think we are having this conversation? You had shouted and screamed hadn't you? Why didn't your mother come for your rescue?"
"Let me explain"

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Natraj M said...

Nice write up. Please write that we don't lose track of the story. :)

amudhan said...

Thanks Natraj... I will try to write it soon. I just have the story in mind and it is really very hard to split it and title it and keep up the momentum etc. [I am not saying that I am keeping the momentum, but I am trying to ;)]. I assure that there would be at least one of this story post in every 5 of my normal posts or once in 2 months. Cheers!

prabakaran C said...

superb story...when is the next episode..

amudhan said...

What an honour for me to have got a comment from you! I am really feeling privileged. Thanks for commenting and thanks for your comment ;)

I honestly don't know when would be the next episode, but it would surely come within 2 months

sathya said...

Its very intresting pa.Do u know one thing..while i reading "hello satesh.."sentance...suddenly power cut in my room..its very thrilled for me that time..later i read this i come down.Its really superb.My question to u pa "That independant nature really helped satesh or not?"
Good Thinking by u pa...please publish part-iii soon.A family here waiting for it.again i wish u pa...good work pa