Friday, June 19, 2009

Brainy Friend - Part III - The Power

[This is a sequel to Brainy Friend Part II post. It is highly recommended that you read that post first before reading this one, or click here to go to the first post. The disclaimer for that post holds good to this post also, as a matter of fact to all the posts for this story]

Knock... Knock... "Satesh... dear... is there anything wrong? What was that sound?". Satesh's mom had come to his room after hearing that 'thud' sound of Satesh falling. All of the sudden, instantly, Satesh came to his life. He opened his eyes and realized that he is lying on the floor. Immediately, he answered his mom's call by saying, "Mom... there is nothing wrong... please wait... I will open the door"

Satesh's mom was shocked and very much worried to see him, and she told in a feeble voice, "What has happened to you dear? Why have you sweated like this? Did you faint and fall? I heard a sound like you fell". Just then Satesh realized that he had sweated like hell and he is completely wet. 'How come I didn't realize that I am wet???', Satesh asked himself.

"Mom, I was awfully tired and fell unconscious I think."
"If you had fallen unconscious how come you opened that door as soon as I knocked? I just came right after that sound. Dear... is there anything wrong? Do you want to tell me something?"
"Nothing mom... It is just the experiment I was doing... I have gotten some weird experiences... I am perfectly all right mom. You please don't worry... I will surely tell you if there is anything wrong or if there is anything important I have to tell you."
"Honey... I always wanted to support your experiments. But if it is going to affect you, I wont allow it. Promise me that you will be careful and that you would let me know if anything is wrong."

It took a long time for Satesh to convince that there is nothing wrong. He told her that he would consult a doctor and spent extra time with her to soothe her. After she left, Satesh came and sat in his chair. He couldn't understand how his mother came so soon. He was asking himself, "It seemed that I had talked to that voice for a long time, but mom says she had come right away... what is happening to me?"

"So... now you should have understood what was happening to you", the same voice echoed from somewhere. Satesh was then irritated and yelled "What in the hell is this bull shit?". Just then he realized what was happening and the very second he had a victorious smile in his face to have understood everything. "Yes... you got it... I knew you will get it...", said that same voice.

'Oh my God... this is what it has been happening... So, everything that was happening from the moment I lost consciousness was just my thoughts. I was not speaking to anyone... I was just thinking and the other guy... or the voice... or whatever... was able to get whatever I thought and it was replying to me... throughout the time, I hadn't opened my mouth... and moreover, the communication happening between me and that thing is instantaneous... So only, all the communication which should have taken more than 15 minutes had just happened in less than a second...' is what Satesh had understood. He figured it out what he yelled 'What in the hell is this bull shit' to that voice in which he didn't utter anything, but just thought as a reply to that voice.

Yet Satesh is not fully convinced or fully understood about this brainy friend (from now on, I would refer the one-more-consciousness of Satesh as brainy friend). That brainy friend could get whatever Satesh thinks but he couldn't get whatever it (or the brainy friend) thinks...

Their conversation was about to start in which Satesh remained in the same posture as how he was sitting... He is going to listen and get the whole picture of this brainy friend...

To be continued. [Coming soon: The power continued]

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vijay said...

I think somethings are not made very obvious in the story still. Or am I not good enough to catch everything from your writting? When Satesh himself has not fully understood about his brainy friend, I cannot expect more!! let the power continue soon.