Sunday, June 28, 2009

Uniqueness of each musical instrument

I am in a pursuit of learning a music instrument for past couple of weeks. I don't know when it will be over and how it will be over (whether I accomplish my goals or I say 'you know what? I had quit'). But luckily I have a motivation. One of my friends has also started learning a musical instrument so, we had promised to motivate each other when the other is having hard time learning the instrument.

Interestingly, I have two more friends who are just beginners whose instrument of choice is different. So, we are now four guys with four different music instruments. I use to think that my instrument of choice is the best and everyone thinks the same for their instrument of choice :). My questions was "What is the best music instrument?". So, I was thinking of uniqueness and greatness of each instrument. Of course, all the musical instruments are great. This is the comparison of Guitar, Violin, Flute and Keyboard (Piano)

First, let me tell the uniqueness and greatness of Violin. Violin in the only instrument which can produce continuous sound/music. All other instruments can only give discreet pieces of music. Also, Violin is the best instrument to shower melancholy. But the negative part is, if you don't know how to play it, the will produce the most horrible noise which no other instrument can produce.

Flute: Flute is an amazing instrument which can give melody like no other instrument can give. The music a Flute can produce can literally mesmerize anyone. It is almost close to Violin regarding the continuous music, but when the player breathes, it will have to break at least for some seconds. Also, it is the most light-weighted instrument and the most compact instrument ever. The negative part is, it drains energy out of the player.

Keyboard (Piano): It is the only instrument that could be played to produce 10 Swaras (notes) from various octaves. Since all ten fingers could be used at the same time, it is superior to any other string or wind instrument in that regard. Also, a duet could be played with a single instrument, one playing in lower octaves and the other playing in higher octaves. The negative part is, it is costly. A grand piano could cost easily above Rs. 25, 00, 000.

Guitar: I don't know of any uniqueness for Guitar, but, it is also one of the greatest instruments. Simply stroke the strings and you will get a good music. Also, almost all the songs require a Guitar. It is also one of the most stylish musical instruments to give pose with :)

[I am not sure whether whatever I think is right. If you find that I have given some wrong information, please do comment about it. Also, if you know anything to add up to, please feel free to add it as a comment.]


Natraj M said...

Hey Amudhan,

I had learnt violin during my school days. What you have said is true. To add, I felt violin is the toughest to learn and play. Count me in , in the pursuit. Soon hopefully I will join you.

Vijesh said...

isai, isai yenga irunthu varuthu. you don need to have a so called "instrument" to get isai. isai ealla idathalium iruku. :D

P.S. Ah ahha. Ivana avan!

Anonymous said...

why can't you learn all the instruments? Try to learn all :-)

Sikantis said...

Learning a music instrument is just one of the best you can do.

Frora Bosh said...

I am agree with you. Every instrument is unique and has its own quality. It's better to learn one of them perfectly and master in it..

amudhan said...

I would be more than pleased if you could join in the pursuit of music :)

:D thank God I was not near you... otherwise, you would have demonstrated that comedy :)

I will learn other instruments if I master them one by one

Well Said! Learning an instrument is amazing!

@Frara Bosh: