Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Top 10 Tamil Old Songs

The following is my list of Top 10 old Tamil Songs. [Why is this post in English? Well, this post was written around an year and half and I have been thinking of translating this to Tamil for the past six or seven months. Since it is now clear that I would never translate it, I am posting it in English rather than keep it till... say... forever...]

10) Senthemizh Theanmozhiyaal - Maalai Itta Mangai
No top 10 old Tamil songs list would be complete if this song is not there. A lovey romantic song.

9) Samarasam Ulavum Idame - Rambayin Kathal
This song is mainly in this list for the majestic voice of Seekazhi Govindarajan.

8) Kannale Pesi Pesi Kolladhe - Adutha Veetu Pen
A very good romantic song, with very good lyrics. It is here mainly because of the romantic note in this song.

7) Ullam Enbadhu Aamai - Paarthal Pasi Theerum
Philosophical song with a good melody.

6) Naan Kaatru Vaanga Ponen -Kalangarai Vilakam
A very romantic song indeed.

5) Kanne Raja Kavalai Vendam - Bhagyalakshmi
I get touched whenever I listen to this song, as this is one of the songs my mom use to sing whenever I found difficult to sleep when I was a kid

4) Naan Aanai Ittal -Enga Veetu Pillai
Should I tell anything about this song? One of the most energetic songs in the old-Tamil-movie era.

3) Malarnthum Malaraadha - Paasa Malar
An unbelievable song. If not for the melancholy, this would have been in the top of the list.

2) Ullathil Nalla Ullam - Karnan
Wow... what a song! - kinda song is this one.

1) The number song is... is... is...

Are you ready? What is your song?

Here we go...

1) Neerodum Vaigaiyile - Paar Magale Paar

I had a great dilemma whether to keep this or Malarndhum Malaradha in the first place. Both are unbelievably awesome songs! Aren't they?

This is my list. There would definitely be awesome songs I would have left. Let me know the songs which you think 'without this song, any top 10 list wont be valid'. I would love to hear those songs. If you have read this till this line (or jumped directly), thank you and here is the reward :)