Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bloody Diamonds

Last week I saw the film Blood Diamond, after a lot of my friends recommending me to see that. ah... I still could not come out of the terrifying truths behind the diamonds, which the film potrays. A father who thinks that his son will become an doctor and will make the place paradise, ends up in seeing his son as a terrorist [yes.. children are made terrorists and are trained to shoot innocent people and army men captured to make their mind a mercy less object] who is ready to kill his father. Horrible isn't it? You will not be able to control crying in many scences. This is a must-see-movie. Please do watch the movie and let me know your comments.

When ever we buy diamonds we have to know that it has a black history of millions of bullets killing thousands of innocent families completely destroying a lot of villages... So, from now onwards I ain't going to buy diamonds besides the fact that I can not buy them.

To know about the movie Babel, please visit http://shriman.blogspot.com/2007/01/babel-review_116983734784996514.html

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I read another Robin Cook book: Sphinx, and I want to share about that. It is not a MedicalThriller as supposed be like other Robin Cook books. This book tells us a lot about Egypt's culture. A lot of repeated descriptions about the River Nile and the surroundings make it boring. Till 250 pages, I could see at the most 4 to 5 interesting events, that too will last for about 2 to 3 pages. You will get the feeling of seeing discovery channel program about Egypt. If you expect fast, thrilling medical thriller, this is not the book for you. If you plan to read the first RobinCook book, I would strongly recommend you not to read this book, instead you could go for Mutation or Coma [the only other two books I have read]. But the last 50 pages are quite fast.

Imagine that you are sealed in a room of pitch-black-darkness, leaving no room to escape, with some people accompanying you, who had come to Egypt for the same purpose of yours, who were dead a two years ago. Imagine that you have found a way-out, by using some matchsticks you luckily had, to another chamber of extreme darkness. You have only a limited number of matchsticks left now and you have found a stick like object. Having the idea of burning it, to illuminate the room, with only a few matchsticks left, you lit a matchstick, and you find a mummified forehand in your hand! -my blood was chilled to read this elaborately for about 5 pages. Read this book and let me know your comments.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Life is [not just] beautiful [it is excellent].

I saw the movie *Life is beautiful *. I have no words to describe about the movie. After finished seeing that movie, I was hardly able to think anything else. It is the same case of my friends with whom I saw the movie again and again. Here goes the movie [as far as I understood]:

The first half is hilarious and in this the hero marries his princess[ that is how he calls her]. The second half of the movie is full of tragic-comedy and the climax is tragedy. The story baseline is this: The Jews in the Italy are taken by the German troops to do some work in a camp as slaves. The hero is also taken there with his only son of about 5-6 years old: a very cute boy. In order to keep his son happy, the hero says that all this work is done to win a game and the price is a real Tank. Despite all the problem, he manages to laugh and make his son laugh. Till the end, he keeps his son safe and happy.

After seeing the movie anyone will become speechless. The music is also excellent. I can not help having goose flesh in the climax for all the three times I saw the movie. If you have not watched the movie, please watch it and let me know your comments.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I was in Coma!

There is another novel by RobinCook which I had read. I want to share about that also: Coma. The story starts like, a teenager goes to hospital for a simple treatment and while getting anaesthesia, she goes to sleep... for the last time in her life! Something is wrong... very wrong... [the exact words in the book] She falls in coma; a coma which is irreversible. After about a month, a new college student, comes to the hospital for the first time, sees that patient and feels for her: to see a girl of her age to have fallen in coma. The first patient she encouters is an athlete who has come for simple treatement, talks well to her. After the operation, he does not wake up... Something is wrong... very wrong... [the exact words in the book]. He also falls in coma. A similar incident within a month. This disturbs the new student and she wants to find out the reason. She faces a lot of problems in getting the records of the patients but could not find any clue. When she returns to her house, she is surprised by a assassinator inside a house. He warns her not to do any further investigation and he leaves. This increases her curiosity to uncover the most threatening truths going on. After much twists and turns, in the climax, she undergoes (or she is made to undergo) an immediate-operation. And the last line of the story is Something is wrong... very wrong...

The last 100 pages of the story made me to tremble. All the chapters of the books will have the time of happenings. The whole story takes place within 3-4 days (apart from the first chapter). Read the book and give me your comments.

Mutated a long back.

I thought of telling you about a wonderful novel which I read a long back: Mutation by RobinCook. Robin Cook is a doctor who has written many medical thrillers. Mutation is about a great doctor in neural domain. He changes the structure of the brain cell of his son even before he is born, through some technology he invented [How he does that and all involves some complicated medical terminologies which are out of the scope of this blog :)]. Because of this, his son gets super power brain. He (the child) learns neural network at his childhood itself and becomes very noticable student in the school. Suddenly, one day, he loses all his power and becomes a normal student. In the mean while, his elder brother dies of a very rare cancer. Within a short time, the worker, who is in fond of the elder brother also dies of a very rare cancer. Four children of his same age who were also very intelligent like him, die on a same day due to swelling of brain. All of them are children of doctor's colleagues. This makes her mother worry much about her only-son-left. Her worry turns into fear about his son when she recalls that the worker who died screamed "he (the child) has killed his brother... and he will surely kill me...". She starts to investigate and find that, the only teacher who liked her son died of a... died of a... very rare cancer some monts ago.... There the story turns upside down.

This is a very beautiful story which will not let you put the book down. So, if you ever get a chance to read this book, read it and give me your comments.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Free From Gothic!

At last, I finished that game Gothic II. Now I am free from that game. From at least now, I could start reading books.

What? Has Gothic III been released?