Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bloody Diamonds

Last week I saw the film Blood Diamond, after a lot of my friends recommending me to see that. ah... I still could not come out of the terrifying truths behind the diamonds, which the film potrays. A father who thinks that his son will become an doctor and will make the place paradise, ends up in seeing his son as a terrorist [yes.. children are made terrorists and are trained to shoot innocent people and army men captured to make their mind a mercy less object] who is ready to kill his father. Horrible isn't it? You will not be able to control crying in many scences. This is a must-see-movie. Please do watch the movie and let me know your comments.

When ever we buy diamonds we have to know that it has a black history of millions of bullets killing thousands of innocent families completely destroying a lot of villages... So, from now onwards I ain't going to buy diamonds besides the fact that I can not buy them.

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Shriman Kalyan said...

i wanted to watch this movie actually man... but got to see Babel.. anyways nice review.. ll surely watch Blood Diamond too :)