Monday, June 04, 2007

Karuththu Kandasamy: Do not stop a parents who rectify their child's mistake!

This is one opinion I always wanted to share and spread. I have seen many parents, including my mom, who love children so much. Thinking that they show their love towards the children, they tend to stop or even scold the parents who are rectifying their child's mistakes. For example, when a child does not greet the guests who come to his\her house, the parents use to tell the child (with sweet voice in the beginning and then harshly, if that continues) to greet those who come. When they scold or teach or tell the child of the respect to be shown, the child-loving-guests use to say, *it is just a child... do not scold him\her... bla bla bla*.

One thing here to understand is that, only because it is a child, the parents have to teach moral. The parents will not be able to teach moral when the child becomes a no-longer-a-child. This is a simple example. Be it whatever, please do not stop any parents. In doing so, you will make a to-be-a-good-guy\girl to yet-another-teen.

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