Monday, June 11, 2007

Karuththu Kandasamy: Say No at the first time!!! (life lesson)

This is one of the best advices I have ever got. My brother Karthik is one of my greatest inspirations, who has advised me a lot (and I follow most of them). The best of all the advices he has ever given me is: *Say No at the first time itself*. This means that, if you do not like to admit, give, indulge, etc. in anything that you friends, family, colleagues, etc. ask, request, suggest, etc. (sorry for this extremely bad sentence, grammar, usage, etc. with a lot of etc.) say *NO* at the first time itself. This is really tough to do, but failing to do so, will make you unhappy, disappointed, worried etc. later.

Let me tell you with an example, a real time example, which I had experienced. When I first bought a computer when I was studying in my college, my acquaintances wanted to watch movies in my system. I promised myself when I bought the system that, my system will never be used for entertainment (after all all the computers will have this resolution taken on them :) ). Not able to say *NO* at the first time, I allowed them. Soon before I could recognize, that has become a non-sense to my life. Strangers coming to my room to watch movies, play games etc (that became a non-sense as I love privacy when I am not with my friends).

Hope you understand this: this is a simple example, I am saying. Had I said *NO* at the first time, perhaps, I would have faced a little embarrassed to talk to those acquaintances for some days. I might not have lost my peace and happiness. So, if you are not 100% okay with any proposal, say *NO* at the first time, to avoid a great misunderstanding and fight at the later point. This is one of a life lessons, following will keep you happy throughout the life. Please share your comments on this.


Satesh said...

This is one of the best advices ever heard. I have always relied on your suggestion as they had never been misleading. I hope you come up with more of matured suggestions. All the very best for this new initiative.

vijay said...

machi super suggestion da