Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mokka Muthusamy: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

I am just a new born baby in the Harry Potter world, new friend to Harry, yet-another-guy who longs to enter 9 3/4 platform, who longs to have a broomstick (that could fly, of course), who longs to watch the Quidditch match, who longs to play wizard chess, etc. I hope most of you (again, as though 100s of people are reading this), would have read Harry Potter many times and there would be 1000s of bloggers blogging about this and 100s of Orkut communities etc. But that is not going to stop me from saying what I want to say. First of all, I would like to confess something. I am a conservative sometimes and I do not want to adopt new things; for example, listening to new movie songs, etc. Like this, I had refrained myself from reading HP (Harry Potter) for a long time thinking that everyone is just creating scenes by reading\talking\blogging\ about HP.

But for a very very close friend of mine who presented me all the six volumes of HP as my birthday gift, I had to start to read HP. The moment I started reading that book, the moment I started liking it. First I thought that having seen the movie, it wouldn't be nice to read that; but that is not true. Reading that book is much more fun and thrill than seeing the movie (but thank God, I have not seen the 2nd and 3rd part of the movies). If you are like me, thinking that reading the book would not be fun after watching the movie, just stop thinking like that and go ahead and read that book. Now that I have finished the first part, in a very less time, in the period I felt ill, in the period I had the most horrible personal problems. Being engrossed in Hogwards School has kept me reading and that relieved me from my personal worries.

After reading that book, I felt very thankful to my friend who had introduced his friend HP to me, and hope that you will also be to me, if this blog made you to read that book. I want to write a lot about this (and I will), how to read HP (similar to the blog Why To Watch Movies) and what will make you like HP (in case you have not read that already). So, what I want to convey from this blog is that, do not be a conservative and refrain yourself from reading it, and do not think that previous knowledge through the movie will lessen the fun of reading and more importantly do not think that HP is for kids (not in the sense that it also has some adult contents ;) but) in the sense that everyone will like it. Read that book (I would prefer to say 'study the book' instead) and share your comments whether, this blog is right or wrong.

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Prabakar said...

It's just the beginning..... when you have finished at least 5 volumes, you would be something else, more than this..... enjoy along with this whole world that celebrates HP..... Let's leave those who still wondering about what HP is all about..... let them wonder....