Saturday, June 23, 2007

Idea Aiyasamy - How to blog wihtout going to

I am proud to introduce one more character *Idea Aiyasamy* (to accompany *Karuththu Kandasamy* and *Mokka Muththusamy*) to you all (I could hear some of you saying, "Who asked you to? :) ); wearing this mask I will give you some tips and tricks (trying very hard not to be cliched ideas). First of all the ideas, I wanted to talk about blogging which makes this idea applicable only for bloggers; and I am sorry about this.

Yes, we do not need to go to, log-in, click the *New Post* and then again click the *Publish* button. You can simply send a mail and that mail will become a blog (with subject as the heading). Simple isn't it? But before that you have to configure your account settings, a one time job. Click on the *Settings* link of your blog and then click the *Email* link under it. There you could see two rows. First row is to let you get a mail if anything is published in your blog and the next row, you will be asked to configure *Mail-to-Blogger Address* which will have your name as un-editable field and a text field you have to fill in. Fill in the text field with any word to make it a email address for example like this. And also enable the Publish option by checking the check-box.

You are done! From then onwards, you could just send an email to that configured mail address (from any of your email account) and it will become a blog!!! So, if you are in office and have some free time, you could simply type the content as a email and send it to the configured mail id, thus publishing the blog. You do not have to reveal anyone that you are blogging in the office (and I strongly advice you not to blog in office time when you have work :) ).


I could hear someone doubting (sarcastically) that, *but you said you will try hard not to discuss cliched ideas? did you lie about that?*

I also could hear some of you saying that the conventional way of blogging is far better than this stupid idea :). But this one is particularly helpful when you do not want to be noticed, while blogging.

Do not reveal to anyone, the mail id you configured as any one could simply send a mail and publich blog in your website. (And do not try to send any mail to the mail id I used for example if you do not want to get bounced-mail ;) )

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