Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mother's Love Vs Father's Love - Part I

[Disclaimer: I understand that this (mother's love and father's love) is a case by case basis. If either of them is too bad in character (like forcing us to read or compelling us to take tonics or preventing us from playing games during exam times, etc.) we will be biased, that we will not love as much as love the other. But this blog has nothing to do anything like debating which one is a greater love. I believe both the loves. I could not digest the fact that father's love is not so much appreciated.]

I understand that, that is a very sensitive topic. But I had always wondered why, in almost all the poems, only mother's love is praised. Why don't the world talk about father's love? Both of them love us as the other one does and only one of the loves is rejoiced by the world. Why? I don't know...

I just wanted to say one incident. I was waiting in a railway station for my train (when have you waited for the flight to arrive in a railway station, may be your question) at 12 in the night (and that bloody train was supposed to come at 11:15). Everyone was almost as restless as I was, standing in the platform. [The station I was waiting is Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore, in which you can hardly see any good benches to sit and the electronic message display will give very useful information like, "Don't spit on the platform", "Get your platform ticket", "KR Puram Railway Station welcomes You", but no information about which train is going to come in which platform and what is the arrival time of the trains, etc.]

At about 12 everyone lost patience and stood near the tracks longing to see a distant hope of a train coming. Near me was standing a mother carrying her daughter. She was so lean that she was not able to manage the weight of the 5-6 years old child. The father of the child was standing near her with free hands. I got very much irritated. Why in the world he is not carrying the child and let her be free? Is this the reason why mother's love is so much appreciated? Is only a mother could bear any pain to see the child sleeping peacefully? Is really mother's love greater than father's love?

These were the thoughts running in my mind. To my relief, the father asked her to give the child to him. I was so much relieved, but not fully happy as he delayed so much to ask the child. I was somewhat persuaded that father's love also exists in the world. Surprise! The child woke up... started to cry aloud. He tried to persuade the child to sleep. It didn't work. The mother also tried a lot to let the child stop crying. No use. The child wanted the shoulders of the mother to sleep. The dejected father gave the child back to the mother. [And to make it dramatic, you can imagine like, one more young, handsome, brilliant, cool, etc. :) guy comes and stands near them after this incident... in some time, he gives the father with a contempt look.]

So, I consoled myself that, right from the birth, there is a bias for the children towards mother. Fathers have nothing to do with it. Even if they love their children, God has so programmed that, to prove a father's love, is difficult and needs extra effort. So, both loves exist and it is the part of the children to rejoice both the loves.

[P.S.: The reason why I praise father's love is NOT because it is only my father who is going to read my blogs (and he will get me a new laptop or bike) and not my mother:). The real reason is, check later for the part II of this series]


Prabakar said...

Mother's love is tied with biological bonding...... That's why it is stronger...... May be love is another form of caring?!

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