Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The 3 Mistakes of My Life - One of my mistakes!

[Disclaimer: This blog will be unlike all of my blogs (don't ask, "will this be interesting then?"). If you are not eighteen years old, please don't read. Possibly my first R rated blog because I this is going to be an honest review.]

This is the first book I read from Chetan Bhagat, an author who prefers to be India's most loved author than a most admired author. I accidentally saw this book in Landmark and due to a lot of recommendations about this author, I bought this book. I have to admit that I started with a prejudice that "this book will suck my big time!".

The way the book started was too astonishing. I even had goosebumps when I read the first few pages. After some time, the real story started, it started to suck! I tried it so hard to finish the book. Few reasons why my prejudice became a strong bias (that this book sucks) is, the author wants to sound so casual and realistic.

Every now and then he used to say like, "he took one more kaara", "he had another fanta", "he took another ****", "and he ordered one more samosa"... what the fuck??? It should have been occurring once or twice and not every time when people talk. And very often, when a conversation is going on, commenting about the taste of what they are eating is also irritating after a bit. And he says like, "his sparkling green eyes..", "her steady brown eyes", etc. Hell man! Thinking that his books should be of international standards, saying the color of everyone's eyes! It was irritating. At least in my opinion 99.99% of Indians' eyes are black.

These kind of things may be admired or loved by some people who takes fashion in saying "well... the book is cool". But there are terrible logical mistakes too, which will make you go back a few pages and confirm that the author has sucked and not your memory. In one page he says like, it is someone's birthday and the twin tower attack happens on that day and in few pages after that it is said that her birthday is on November 19th. Changing history, huh?

And also, he says like he got mail from Ahd_businessman@gmail.com. The thing is, gmail does not allow '_' in the user name. If he wanted to mask the mail id, simply put XXX@gmail.com or try to spend some five minutes to check it is legal or not. But an author who thinks he is admired and he prefer to be loved should take care of all minute details, shouldn't he?

Also, just because he describes a sex scene for two to three pages, this junk would not become an international standard book (come on... don't jump and say, 'it is not mere sex you idiot, it is love'... bullshit!). The so-called-so-desperately-wanted-to-be-called romance aspect of this book is stupid. You could predict what will happen between the two.

The moment he says, 'she had coconut oil bottle' we could guess, she is going to ask him to apply it and the touch will make his heart beat faster. The moment he says there is a good book-stall, we could guess she is going to ask him to get her also along with him and some more so-called romantic conversation would happen between them. There was no base for their love and everything. Deliberately and desperately pushed in or missed out something important.

The climax sucked the greatest and the third mistake! It was like a junk Tamil-Movie climax. He had coached a boy in cricket, and so, he uses that skill to escape a mob of blood-thirst-people. Bull shit! Also, the hero men kill people and there are witnesses and nothing happens to them. They kill one of a political small-group-leader and nothing happens to them. WTF???

If you are a hard core fan of Chetan Bhagat and want to say, "I have completed all his books", go ahead and read it. It is not so junk that you cant complete. If you bear with some annoying things, you could finish this book. But other than that, I can find no reason why I would recommend this to anyone.

[P.S. You may ask, why in the hell you investigate so much in finding the mistakes? why don't you simply read and throw it away? The answer is, well, I am finding it difficult to get a topic to blog about. Also, this is not so great a book that everyone has to read it and I don't think if any praise it gets is deserved by it.]


ఆదిత్య said...

Hey, real good!!
And thanks for dropping me a comment.
You write well amudhan. You should write more often.

Cheers :)

Weltmeister said...

Absolutely true.

Reading that book was one on=f the mistakes of my life...I finally found someone in this limitless cyberspace who agrees with me.

It was a poorly-written book...never mind the logical and situational mistakes...I was seething after reading it...

Nadeem said...

i'm under 18 and i read this! Good one! ;)

Amudhan said...


Thanks for reading and taking time to drop a comment...