Saturday, August 21, 2010


Its been soon long I have opened, but I am surprised that I haven't missed a month. I had decided long back that I should post at least one blog and utmost three blogs in a month. Glad that I haven't failed yet. Sorry for this stupid intro which has nothing to do with this post... Lets jump in!

Very recently I have purchased a very costly electronic gadget. I have been thinking of buying one from a relatively low range, but, as you know, thousands get added to your budget gradually and I ended up buying that, which would be too-much-to-think-about-at-first. For every thousand I had to add to the budget, I felt guilty. 'This is too much... you shouldn't waste that much money on this... bla bla bla...' was flowing in my mind.

Later I realized, no matter how much I feel guilty, I would anyhow buy it and at last bought it. Still now I couldn't convince myself whether it is worth that much or I am worth that much to buy such costly item. This incidence gave me an insight into an interesting interpretation of people. The 'I am feeling guilty to spend so much on this' is a great act/lie/pretending we do to ourselves. We feel better when we think/say 'I am feeling guilty to buy such a costly item' even though it is not really the case.

What we basically need is, someone should say 'It is okay. It is worth it. You are worth it. You go ahead and buy it' :). I knew I wanted to buy it and I knew that if I don't buy it, I would be restless and frustrated, but still, I needed a lot of convincing. I am wondering now what would have happened if no one tried to convince me. Probably I would have bought it anyway :). It is so pathetic!

But still there is a residue of 'feeling guilty' within me even after buying it, and I need your help. Suppose you are to buy a Rs. 50,000 item on your credit card what would you buy with it? You may buy anything, not necessarily an electronic item. [I promise, it is not a pathetic attempt to get more comments. I promise again.] You may ask how will it help me to get rid of the guilty conscience (or you may not ask). I just want to know what you would have bought. Thanks!