Monday, July 21, 2008

Caution - Some tips for avoiding to become a Jackass!

[Disclaimer: This blog is not for readers who are less than eighteen years old or readers who easily get offended. Readers discretion is required.]

I didn't know that Bangalore is notorious for petrol thieves. Almost everyone in the petrol bunk is a trained professional thief and they act in a good team work. One day I went to the petrol bunk and asked the attender to fill petrol for Rs. 200. The innocent looking guy filled petrol for Rs. 50. I said, "I said Rs. 200". He apologized me and started to fill the petrol. Immediately another guy just came and asked me, "Sir, card or cash". I said, "Cash". He asked, "You don't have card, Sir?". I said no.

I was a little shocked to see the petrol was filled for Rs. 150. I had a small doubt whether the innocent guy had started from 0 or from the 50 itself. Wondering about this, I left the bunk. Later, when I told my friends about this, they said, it is the custom of almost every attender in Bangalore to divert attention and fill only for less money. I felt like I was a jackass and was very angry on those bastards.

Then, later on, I used to be very alert when I go to petrol bunk. I had seen many times, attempt being made to fill for only Rs. 50 even if I had said Rs. 200. I used to say aloud, "I said Rs. 200" even before they start filling it avoid becoming a jackass. I used to think that I had become a brilliant guy after one experience.

It is always true that thieves are a step ahead than the police in techniques. Recently, it got proved. I went to a petrol bunk, asked the bastard to fill for Rs. 200. I carefully watched him entering 200 and starting from 0. When he was filling my bike's petrol tank, another guy came and asked "Sir, cash or card", even though I was having Rs. 200 in my hands (after the first incidence, I used to take out the cash and show them and say aloud, "Fill for Rs. X"). I said, "Cash".

Something inside my mind told that, I am being made a bloody fool. When I turned and saw the filling bastard from the speaking bastard, in a split second, my subconscious mind had seen the filling bastard entering 200 in the machine. I could not ask whether he had really filled for Rs. 200, or simply, in the middle, typed 200 in the machine. But I knew, I was fooled and later proved due to the reduced mileage.

No matter how much we are aware, those sons of bitches know how to fool us. I had decided to first pay the money and then NEVER to look aside when the petrol is being filled, no matter how gorgeous a girl comes and stands in the nearby queue. I don't know, they may have another counter for this. But, whenever you go to petrol bunk, make sure, you are not made a jackass!

What you can do is:

  1. Tell them aloud, how much you want to fill for.
  2. Give the money immediately, even before they start to fill.
  3. Check for the amount he enters (If that is less, you are in the process of becoming a jackass. Stop immediately and refuse to become one)\
  4. Never ever look somewhere else (if there is a gorgeous girl out there, you can wait for 30-45 seconds)
  5. If they call "Sir?", just say to yourself, "You bloody bastard, I am aware of you." and never listen to him till the petrol is filled. (If you don't speak bad words, you can replace that b-word with thief, but never turn around)
  6. If still somehow, they cheat you, Welcome to the Club!
[P.S.: First I thought to name my blog, "Caution: There are bastards around there!", but later decided not to use that as a title, but somewhere after the Disclaimer]


Vijesh said...

Few more thoughts for not becoming JA.

- Just don't hurry in anything, take your time to get things done. For instance I will not even open the pertrol tank knob before that guy sets the reading and brings the fuel hose near the bike.

-Also would advice to pay at the last. Don take your wallet outside, just pay at your lesiure. Complete filling and then pay.

-Another important point not to hurry when we pay through card is to note the amount he has entered for your bill. Next is to check your card transactions when you use your card in local places like this. They can malpractice your card.

Prabakar said...

same experience here.... i just stare at the meter while they try to distract me with anything and answer them without taking my eyes off....

Shinoy said...

Same here dude...

I happen to do this to one of the bunk guys near JP nagar.
It was sunday evening, i went to this Bunk and aksed them to fill for 500. i was the only guy to fill the petrol and there were 4 guys waiting to make me a JA. they entered 500 and one guy started filling the fuel. Well very next they tried all possible way to distract me, but i stared at the meter. and when the meter showed 200, one of the guy came behind me and said "sir do yu want fill Air". naturally i turned around for fraction of a second, the guy standing near the meter retyped 500 and the guy filling the pertrol took the petrol gun out.
I knew these guys cheated me. I caught the guy who was filling the petrol by collar and gave one his head and said to call his manager.
the fourth guy standing there who acted like supervisor said the owner hasnt come to the bunk.
Immediately what i did was i called my friend who works with me. I told the bunk guys that i am calling my uncle who is a circle inspector and i am going to call him here and arrest the guys for cheating the customer. i spoke to my friend in such a way that he could understand that i have been fooled and wanted to screw these guys. I told him "Uncle, i am calling this bunk in JP and they have cheated me and can yu send someone from your station to arrest these guys? My friend on the otherside of the phone said, of dude i understood what you saying. just give phone to the guy who is near you. i said "Uncle do you want me to gice the phone to the guy here who cheated me" and then i called the supervisor guy and gave my phone. Fortunately my friend was a kannadiga and started abusing the guy and also made him to fill full tank for 500/-.

Believe me this worked.

amudhan said...

Good suggestions. No matter what the distraction is, *never take your eyes off* would what help us. Regarding card, I never use cards. I also advice people to memorize the CVV number and erase it. May at least prevent from online forgery.

Good da... But you can clearly see... no matter how much careful we are, they could trick us. We have to 100% alert and let everyone know about this.

Well, you should be a very bold guy. You remind me of my friend who use to do like this. If we are a 100% sure that we are cheated, we can take any measure. But, we should prevent it rather than curing it. But that was very funny and heroic, what you did. So, hereafter, what you can do is to, voluntarily act like JA and then get your full tank filled for 500 :D.