Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mutated a long back.

I thought of telling you about a wonderful novel which I read a long back: Mutation by RobinCook. Robin Cook is a doctor who has written many medical thrillers. Mutation is about a great doctor in neural domain. He changes the structure of the brain cell of his son even before he is born, through some technology he invented [How he does that and all involves some complicated medical terminologies which are out of the scope of this blog :)]. Because of this, his son gets super power brain. He (the child) learns neural network at his childhood itself and becomes very noticable student in the school. Suddenly, one day, he loses all his power and becomes a normal student. In the mean while, his elder brother dies of a very rare cancer. Within a short time, the worker, who is in fond of the elder brother also dies of a very rare cancer. Four children of his same age who were also very intelligent like him, die on a same day due to swelling of brain. All of them are children of doctor's colleagues. This makes her mother worry much about her only-son-left. Her worry turns into fear about his son when she recalls that the worker who died screamed "he (the child) has killed his brother... and he will surely kill me...". She starts to investigate and find that, the only teacher who liked her son died of a... died of a... very rare cancer some monts ago.... There the story turns upside down.

This is a very beautiful story which will not let you put the book down. So, if you ever get a chance to read this book, read it and give me your comments.


Prabakar said...

You tempt me to read MUTATION.

Shriman Kalyan said...

awesome and crisp narration amud, if you can maintain this grip and write the samefor another 199 pages, it sure is going to be a hit novel...

great piece of work... am happy that you are into blogging :)