Thursday, January 04, 2007

I was in Coma!

There is another novel by RobinCook which I had read. I want to share about that also: Coma. The story starts like, a teenager goes to hospital for a simple treatment and while getting anaesthesia, she goes to sleep... for the last time in her life! Something is wrong... very wrong... [the exact words in the book] She falls in coma; a coma which is irreversible. After about a month, a new college student, comes to the hospital for the first time, sees that patient and feels for her: to see a girl of her age to have fallen in coma. The first patient she encouters is an athlete who has come for simple treatement, talks well to her. After the operation, he does not wake up... Something is wrong... very wrong... [the exact words in the book]. He also falls in coma. A similar incident within a month. This disturbs the new student and she wants to find out the reason. She faces a lot of problems in getting the records of the patients but could not find any clue. When she returns to her house, she is surprised by a assassinator inside a house. He warns her not to do any further investigation and he leaves. This increases her curiosity to uncover the most threatening truths going on. After much twists and turns, in the climax, she undergoes (or she is made to undergo) an immediate-operation. And the last line of the story is Something is wrong... very wrong...

The last 100 pages of the story made me to tremble. All the chapters of the books will have the time of happenings. The whole story takes place within 3-4 days (apart from the first chapter). Read the book and give me your comments.

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Prabakar said...

You are a good reviewer. Review more buddy ;)