Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Good Thief - but not the one like a Hero in a movie

It was 6 o'clock in the morning my friend woke up to get ready for practising Veena (here Veena means the music instrument :D and nothing else). Rubbing his eyes he went out to hall and was shocked to see that the door was ajar. It is so impossible for anyone else in my house to have gotten up that early, at least 6 o'clock is almost like a midnight for us. To make sure that nothing was wrong, he went to the other room to check anyone has woken up.

As you can guess, no one was awake. He panicked and woke up others to let them know that the door was ajar and everyone has gotten up (except me, I was in a good dream then). They were shocked to know that 2 of their purses are gone and one of the mobiles is gone. The friend who woke up first did not lose anything as he and I always lock our room's door. When the whole house was in panic and everyone was calling for credit card customer care to block their card, I woke up.

The moment I heard that some theft had happened, all my attention went to my purse and my purse was sleeping silently in peace. Happy that it was not abducted I went to inquire about how it could have happened. It is still a mystery. We locked the doors with 2 latches. How that bloody **** (any bad word that pleases you) has opened the doors and how he was so daring to enter the rooms and took the purses and mobile, only He knows.

So, we came out of the room and I saw a Rs. 2 coin was placed on the wall just outside our house. It was a good comedy then. One of the my friends who lost his purse had not kept any money in the purse. May be the thief indicated us that, *come on guys... keep some money in the purse... you just had Rs. 2... for this bloody stupid money I had to do Alohomora*. We laughed (yes, we laughed in that misery also). The friend who woke up first has seen the other side of the wall to find out the purse and the wrist watch. All the cards were intact.

So, we had some hunch that, the other purse may also have been thrown some where and we started to search. The same friend, who woke up first and who found the first purse, had somehow managed to find the other purse, which was hidden under clothes. Again, all the cards were intact and only the money was looted. But the mobile which was gone is gone. So, we made fun of the friend who woke up first, to find (or give back) the mobile also. We were very happy that at least the cards are safe.

This incidence made me to write this blog, the next day of my previous blog, which the market made me to write. A Good Thief. The thief had some soft corner on as and left the purses and the cards. Though it will be impossible for him to use the cards, as we would block it before he could use it, he might have simply thrown it some where. Or, who knows? He might have noted down the details of the cards and he may use the details to purchase a flight ticket to America in some days. But I strongly suggest to you that, do not give place to good thieves. They may get better and become the best thieves.

It is always better to think how anyone could break through your doors and loot; and take necessary prevention or precautions for that. I heard similar incidences from my friends many times but was lethargic that it wont happen to us. And, it had happened to us no matter how much we were cautious. So, be double safe. Think like a criminal and do the counter part by yourself. Keep your doors locked always and only open it when you really need to go out. Or, you can do one thing. Write a blog about your experience also, when it happens to you in the future :D

[P.S.: If you do not know what is *Alohomora* please read Harry Potter, at least the first part]

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