Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Tale of Two Friends - Part I

[Disclaimer: This is the only series of blogs in which I do not expect any comments, in the sense, every time any blogger publishes a blog, his\her intentions will be to get appreciated or at least criticized by comments from readers, in my opinion, and I am no exception to that; but this series, I write for my own self-satisfaction and I do not expect people to like it and comment about that (illana mattum, comment kumiyuramadhiriye pesuven naan :D ). Ultimately, what I want to say is that, this series may not be interesting.]

I just want to write at least one blog per month for this series and I will finish this series by the end of the year at any cost. The hero of our story is Aravind. The story will move mostly in his views. Okay, shall we start our story? On one fine Monday morning, Aravind, woke up and [ippduiyellam eludha aasai thaan... but let me follow my own style...]

The innocent Aravind entered into the room which was allotted for him. He was equally excited as he was afraid of the new environment, but he was not worrying about the school friends he had left behind in his village. Actually, he did not have remarkable friends over the past, the reason being, he was so innocent and sincere about his studies that he did not have time to make great friends. The room was empty. It was not fully occupied as it was supposed to be. The immidete fear was about the seniors of the college. Had the seniors entered into the room and had taken all of the first year students to rag? was it possible that they may come again to check for new comers again? "I should have asked my parents to stay with me at least for one day", Aravind told himself.

The fear of ragging increased as he could locate other suitcases and baggages of other room mates. The whole premise was very silent. So, he kept his luggages in the room allotted for him and ran down to talk to the securities about other first year students. To increase his fear and desperation the security was not there. Aravind wanted to search in other rooms in the building. Thank God, there were a few first year students available in other rooms. In one of the rooms, there was only one student sitting in one of the 6 beds. So, Aravind decided to inquire about the silence to him.

"Hi, I am Aravind. I have taken Computer Science. Do you know anyone from Computer Science?"
"You don't seem to be interested in knowing about me. First of all, you should have asked my name. Then you should have asked which department am I from. Or at least, you should have asked which year I am in!", threatened Murugan.
"Sir... sorry... I thought you are a first year student. Shall I leave?"
"You call me a Sir? Am I looking too old? Or have I taught you lessons before? Of course, I will teach you lessons now... but you want to leave? Where are going to go? Come and sit down near me. By the way, what is your name?"

Aravind became very pale. He did not know what he should to do now. Run away? or plead him to leave him? Running away will be most stupid thing he could ever do. So, with all the remaining courage in his body, Aravind went near him and sat.

"Look here... he is sitting near me without even asking permission... damn it... go and lock the door and come here. You are about to punished for the crimes you have done now...", said Murugan angrily with a slight smirk on his face.

Aravind now came to realise that his first day is going to be memorable throughout his life. But he wanted the day to be memorable in the other way. Fear mixed with anger made his eyes red and soon the red color got paled due to the water that had gathered in it. Tears in Aravind's eyes almost burst out when Murugan stood up.

to be continued...

[P.S. When I was typing in the desclaimer, "this blog may not be interesting", I myself chuckled, as many of you might have thought, 'this is not the specialty of this series of blogs.' :D. All the character and events in this series are supposed to be fictitious. This story may not be about any real person.]


nattur said...

what i read that story was very makes reality..your editing is very perfect..i am anxiously waiting for next part...pls
add the blogs quickly

Prabakar said...

did you yourself comment previously as anonymous ;-). anyway, i feel like it is a real story... and also i think you involved in it... :-)

Gawaskar said...

dei amudha un kadhaiya per maathi eludhura madhiri theriydhu ...

if it fiction hats off.
thats wonderful you are taking to that world too went nostalgic about my hostel days ..
it have the essense of that ..
carry on ...

amudhan said...

yes prabakar... I have to admit that I really get elated when someone comments for my blogs, be it positive or negative. But at the same time, I am not so desperate to comment to my blogs in an anonymous name. (man, that is a good idea... why should not I try that hereafter :D ). And praba, it is not supposed to be a real story and I was not involved in that story. [namba enna Perarasuva? nambala nammala pathiye blog eluduradhukku? makkal kaari thupidamaatangala? ippave paadhi per vaai ellam ecchi irukum, thupuradhuku... I do not want people to waste it :D ]

just another guy said...

thala...oru five point someone padikkara effect...super.... complete it fast...