Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kisses - Inspired by a true incident

[This post is not advisable for everyone because of very mild sensuality in the content. Readers discretion is required.]

She was not there in the office for three months. He didn't miss her at all. After all, they were just colleagues. In fact, he didn't even realize that she was not in the office. She has returned from US, after a short on-site opportunity. He came to know that she is back in office only by a personal mail from her to him.

He couldn't believe that she even had him in her mind and he was thoroughly excited to read her mail. He ran to her place. Stood there silently for a second. Thousands of thoughts were running in his mind. Though it is a tall cubicle, people passing by can easily see what anyone does in the cubicle. When he was making up his mind as to what he has to say, she gave him kisses!

Should he be extremely happy? or should he be disappointed by her attitude? He doesn't like such people, but, who cares? This is the first ever time he is tasting kisses. She looked into his eyes. It was an intense look and he couldn't take it anymore. With her eyes she asked him 'want anymore?'. But, he needed time. It is going to take a lot of time for him to digest what had just happened.

He left the place without telling anything. He was very angry on her in one millisecond and was very happy the next millisecond. He said 'thanks' after walking some 5 feet. He heard her giggling. Gosh, he was blushing... he should have talked to her face to face.

He came silently and slowly to his place and told his team mates what had happened. They also ran to her place and got two kisses each. When they all met, one of his friends told, "Man... what is she thinking she is doing? She was there in US for three months and got only the cheap kisses chocolate? It is bull shit man. At least she should have got some snickers or bar chocolate".

[PS: The total time taken to conceive the idea and finish this post was about 30 minutes. Please forgive me for the shallow character development and junk ending and a junk post.]

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Conversation with my friend [Tamil]

[Disclaimer: The author of this post is NOT responsible if the reader pukes after (or during) reading this. Continue reading under your own risk. Readers' discretion is required.]

[Background: We had a mutual friend who used to talk to us like us ("hi da machan... eppudi da irukka..."). He went to US and within a week, his style of talking had changed to (kadum peteru) 'dude... wazzup' :). So, me and my friend used to make fun of him, talking like that and we had continued talking like that for many days. So (taken from gTalk history; name masked)...]

1:29 PM Friend: hi dude
me: hi da machan
Friend: enna pannitu irrukeenga?
1:30 PM me: naan nalla iruken da naaye... nee eppudi da irukka panni?
Friend: en dude, indha kola veri
1:31 PM me: illa da mollamaari... vaanga poonganu pesuna relationshipla gap vilundhurum... adhan, vaada poodanu pesuna nerukam varumenu dhan...
romba naala vanga ponganu pesurooma... adhan, konjam vithiyaasam try pannen loosu :)

====== After a couple of days, in a weekend ========

12:16 PM me: Mr. Dude
Friend: aman da mollamaari...ippa thaan elundhen loosu
12:17 PM :)
me: palikku pali vaangite... okay da...
Friend: nee thoonginaya?
12:18 PM me: thoongunenda #@#$@!@ (sensored)
12:19 PM Friend: :)
saptaacha vellakaenna
me: illa da mudichavikki
12:20 PM Friend: sarida koyalla
me: nee da punnakku?
12:21 PM Friend: innum brush'a pannalada en venkayam
me: sari da thakkali
12:22 PM Friend: onnum mudiala kena punnaku
me: :D
I am thinking of making this as a blog
12:23 PM Friend: :)
kulichitaya pannada
12:24 PM me: illa da mokka
12:26 PM Friend: sari da panni...naan kulika poren
12:27 PM me: sari da korangu... bye da....
Friend: :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Marriage - Part I

[Surprisingly, this post is NOT going to be R rated but still reader's discretion is required ;)]

The one word which never fails to terrify me and to make my spine chilled is 'marriage'. Seeing, listening and hearing about marriages only make me tremble. Though it has always terrified me, it has never worried me as I was very far away from it. But now, though I am still far away, I can't stop feeling the terror and tremble inside me.

About six months back, when one of my room mates got married, I couldn't actually believe how he could be ready for marriage. He is just an year older than me. So, when I and my other room mates were getting ready to attend his marriage, I told my other room mate, "I don't think I can ever be ready for my marriage". One wise guy replied, "When you see your friends, colleagues and room mates getting married you will start to feel insecure and automatically get ready for it". It was not convincing for me though.

My policy has been "When I see a successful marriage, I will say okay for marriage". But it only seems that if I stick to my policy, I will die as a bachelor :). Then I thought a little deeply... What do I mean by a successful marriage. A couple who never gets a misunderstanding? A couple who never has any quarrel? A couple who never gets in a fight (not necessarily fist fighting :)). An ideal couple in a romantic movie? What defines a successful marriage? Or to tell dramatically, a couple who despite their difference in taste, understand each other and appreciate others' feelings? Obviously not giving birth to a baby...

Any dramatic, cinematic, romantic definition to marriage will be laughable. In fact, any definition for 'successful marriage' will be laughable. I am not talking about how the life will be after the marriage. You may get more problems from somewhere and still be happy with marriage (spouse and marriage are analogous in the context of my thinking). You may get absolutely no problem from anywhere and but not happy because of the marriage. Why almost every married people advice others 'not' to get married? In this case, why marriage is considered a great event in life? Why parents happily get their children married?

When two completely total strangers marry, before the marriage happens, there would be a lot of so-called-well-wishers(family or friends) advice them all the possibilities of 'how to screw your married life'. I have seen people who advised their friends 'never to help his wife in cooking' as it will lower your self prestige and they will start to expect more help. This is a small example. People may advice 'don't ever give up your self prestige' 'always keep her in her line' 'show who is the boss' etc. These are all the perfect recipe for disastrous married life. Of course, there would be a lot of advices from well-wishers for girls also. What they don't realize is, all the people who give such ideas are NOT happy with their marriages and they are just waiting to add another member in their group. So, as soon as the marriage is over, they try to apply all the advices they had got from others and slowly (or very quickly) screw the marriage.

So, what I am thinking is, anyone who is going to marry, should have an open mind. Should have absolutely no expectations from the spouse. 'Expectations' seems like a small word, but is the devil in the disguise. [but can expect that he/she is going to marry the worst junk girl/guy in the entire world :)] Should not take advices from others as how to handle the spouse. If you don't have any idea or plan on how you will treat your spouse, you better don't get married. Should not watch movies, as movies portray ideal couples which is very very improbable in this world. Should not suspect what had had happened in their spouse life in the past. Should be willing to be happy if she/he is loyal to the marriage.

I can keep writing non-sense here, but I want to finish the post with a one-liner 'There are only two ways you can be happy. You adore your ego and try to be happy all by yourself or you kill your ego and be happy with everybody else. The choice is yours.' (Oh... yes... it has three lines) This applies to your married life also. I know, this post is spontaneous and random. No links between each paragraph no concrete opinion and no solid result. These are all glimpses of thoughts I get and there are many more (to come?)...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Quitting this Cruel Blogging!

===== It Was =====

I can not handle the pressure. No way. I can't. I was happy when the number of people who read my blog was reasonable (around 5 to 6, which included my father, occasionally my sister, myself, and couple of my close friends who were trying to find a reason to fight with me and get away from me.), but recently, it has increased tremendously to a very high number (around 8 to 10). Because of this, I am in a constant pressure.

And this blogging has become quite addictive and cruel. I missed a bus, I wanted to write about it. Someone told something casually, I wanted to write about it. Someone sneezed, I wanted to write about it. Someone didn't sneeze and I wanted to write about it. It has become out of my control. I realized that I am wasting a lot of my office hours in reading/responding to my/others blogs/comments. It does not seem good, especially, when the appraisal is around the corner ;).

So, I have decided that I wont visit and also (any) The only way this can be controlled is, to take a stubborn decision that I wont write/read any new blogs/comments. Even if not permanently, at least for a short time. But if I stop writing, suddenly it will imbalance the happiness quotient in the world as certain people will become ecstatic from being relieved from my blogs and the God may become angry on me :). So, what can I do?

Suddenly, the 40 watts bulb above my head started glowing. Gotcha! The only solution is, I will write some blogs for the next 3 months and schedule them and then take an decision that I will NEVER visit and!!! Fantastic, right?. Of course, I will moderate the comments and publish them (if I get any) through gmail. I will reply to the comments ONLY if it asks any question or calls for an argument (it is very rude if I don't reply to a comment which asks a question/argument, so I will come to my blogspot and reply to it). Please be assured that my thanks and gratitude will be there for every single comment you post.

See you all my dear friends after June. I will catch up with all the blogs you fantastic bloggers post in the mean time.
I can give you a hint that blogs will be posted on 10th and 20th of March and 1st, 11th and 21st of April and 2nd, 12th and 22nd of May. The topics (need not be in the order) are: Conversation With A Friend, Completely Imaginary Love Story, நான் புடிச்சமுயலுக்கு அஞ்சு காலு, My Top 10 Tamil Old Songs, Mothers' Love Vs Fathers' Love II, I Love My Children, Story - Based on a true incident, and Demo of a Demo, Kisses. Since all these posts were written in a very short time without much thinking, they may NOT be like my other posts... who knows, they may even be good for a change ;)


===== It Is =====

'I will not visit blogger or blogspot for several months' is a stupid decision and I think it will be impossible. Blogging is a part of my life. Even if not a small part, at least a minute part. So, what I had decided is, I will not access these sites during office time, at any cost. The posts I have written previously will be posted one by one at regular intervals. If I get a new idea or topic I have to write about, I will inject it. Thanks!