Monday, January 18, 2010

Travelling Tortures

[This post is not advisable for sensitive readers as this post contains abusive strong language. Readers discretion is required]

Everytime, every single time I travel, within minutes, I will want to write a blog about it. Definitely not good about things, but how cruel traveling and transportation has become. But I always give up the idea because all I can write about it will be abusive and full of offensive words. But this time, it has just gone too much. Once again, I have to warn you that this post will contain strong language and not advisable for everyone.

This is how it went on that day:
I had to sit in an aisle seat. The one who occupied the window seat was a friend of the idiots who were sitting in the front row. The moment the bus started, this idiot called the conductor of the bus and asked him to switch on the TV. Bloody Shit! I loathe those guys who are so damn inconsiderate about others and want the volume in the TV should be high in the night journey. But fortunately, the TV was not working. Thank God, you are with me!

But no, God was NOT with me, but Satan was. That idiot was trying to make a lot of lame jokes about the bus as loudly as he can, and the idiots who were sitting in front were laughing as loud as possible. It went on for an hour. Why the hell was he trying so hard to get the attention of others. Bull shit! Actually, my friend does not approve of me to talk offensive words which would not scold the assholes but their family. He would say, "Why to use that word da? You can use (sensored), (sensored), (sensored), (etc.)" :). I would be able to follow that as long as I am confined in Rage I.

After an hour, another group got into the bus. When the bus started moving, one of the guys from that group, took a big cell phone, and started playing songs. WTF!? It was so damn loud that, the idiot who was sitting near me stopped talking. So loud and so noisy. When I was thinking "What the fuck is your problem you asshole!", suddenly, a big noise of belch Yeeaaaarrrrrrppppp. Normally, if we are to belch, we will try to close the mouth and let that gas out of the bus right? But that SoB (I was in Rage II), did that by learning forward and was close to me. My best guess is, he had had Chicken Biriyaani and Butter Chicken Masala some 38 minutes ago. I felt like puking.

After some more minutes, someone called the conductor and told that there are a lot of bed bugs in the seats. Only then I realized that all the time, those were not mosquito bites, but bed bugs bites. What is the scheme God? What do You plan? You want to challenge me that I can't stick to my greeting message in my mobile? But why do You have to do that always in traveling? So, it is a test for me right?

But I decided NOT to write a blog about this. I thought, "It is part of life and I have to put up with these kinds of difficult times. I shouldn't lose my temper and write an offensive blog about these innocent poor people. After all, they are doing this in a desperate attempt to catch other's attention right? I have to understa..." My thoughts were disturbed by another bigger, more powerful, nastier smelling, more offensive Yeeeaaaaaarrrrrrrrppppppp. My thoughts continued as "You (completely sensored Rage III language)"... and result is this blog.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Story

[This post is not advisable for everyone because of mild sensuality in the content. Readers discretion is required.]

It has been more than a week. The guy had to go out of station for an office trip. He didn't feel or think that it would be painful to be apart from his love, at the beginning. After all, it is not like they have fallen in love recently and that every second, or every minute would seem like hell if he is not with her. Also, it does not mean that he does not care about her. It is something not ordinary people would understand.

It was not easy for him to find her. He had a lot of criteria and preferences. But out of nowhere she came into his life and snap they are made for each other. He had no preferences as to the color, height, weight, etc. After all, external factors matter only for few months (they say) and he knew that. It is the internal beauty he was looking for.

Their idea of romance and love is simply seeing each other with eyes receiving love, touching and feeling each other, and singing together. It does not mean that they don't have fight at all. If she is not responding to him, he gets mad and beats her, but believe me, it wont hurt her and he knew that thoroughly. He would immediately feel sorry and will beat himself, as though it would make her happy, but only to see that she pleads him to stop beating himself. Such love which is scarce existed between them.

During the time they were not together, he would think of her and feel that she was also thinking of him. They didn't need an electronic instrument to talk to each other. He would dial in his mind "my love" and immediately get the answer "I have been counting the seconds to receive this call, my love" from her. Whenever the breeze which touched her came and touched him, he would unconsciously close his eyes, look slightly upwards with palms clutching each other and take a deep breathe. He felt her presence then.

Anyhow, the ordeal was over. He had returned from the trip. He was thoroughly excited when he was opening the door. He didn't make any sound and he wanted to be utterly silent. He knew that she would know if he comes and when he comes. Yet, he would not expect her to run to the door and throw herself over him and kiss him. She was silently waiting in his bedroom. He quietly removed his shoes went into the bedroom. She was still silent. He undressed her, a single touch and she was turned on and he started fondling her.

Without any disruption or distortion or any stumbling, she sang the Fur Elise piece of music in the exact rhythm he wanted to play. Then he tried the other pieces which he knew and everything just flew beautifully. Wow, that one week gap did not make him forget his favorite pieces of music and he had not lost his touch with the music keyboard.