Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!

Now Harry is in the second year, of seven years at Hogwards, The school for Wizards and Witches, after the greatest adventure he had done in his first year, encountering Lord Voldemort face to face. Lord Voldemort is the greatest Wizard of Dark Magic, so powerful and dangerous that no one could even address him by his name, addressing him as *You Know Who* or *He Who Must Not Be Named* [and thank God he is not He Who Must Not Be Typed :)]. So, after conquering, or we can say escaping from, Lord Voldemort for the second time, Harry becomes even more famous in Hogwards.

But in the second year there are more dangers and threats awaiting him. Harry faces much more trouble even before going to Hogwards. But soon, a doubt arises to the whole school: "Whether the threat is for Harry or the threat is by Harry". The Chamber of Secret is opened again, which by myth has a dangerous monster locked in it which will kill the enemies of the heir of Slytherin; one of the founder of Hogwards, a very powerful Wizard who dislikes Muggles [non-magic creatures, humans :)]. Strangely those who disturb, or seem to disturb Harry are petrified one by one.

At some point of time, Harry uncovers some truths that make himself to doubt whether he is the heir. All the student fear Harry, talk bad about him, sing bad about him, loathe him. Harry after some efforts find out that, a very trusted staff is the one who has opened the chamber last time! Before he could do any further investigation, his close friend is also petrified. And one more! What happens and what is going to happen then becomes a million dollar question.

How Harry is going to overcome this and how he is going to face the deadly monster that is in the Chamber Of Secret is the rest of the story. A very unpredictable and extremely interesting adventurous story is this. Success of Harry Potter books is that it has many aspects like, sentiment, thrill, horror, who-done-it puzzle, friendship, fight of good and evil, school time adventure, etc. A must read novel! If you find many terms not understandable, it is time you start to read the HP novels. So, read this novel if not already read and comment about this book after you reading it.


Prabakar said...

nice writing flow....

Random varibale said...

I never knew you invaded Blogosphere. And more importantly that you are Potter fan! Never knew that in School atleast. Or was it after school, I mean the whole potter mania. Good going mate!