Thursday, February 28, 2008

Application of Interest - K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

It is always a big problem if you can not find an application which you desperately need it. The main problem is to find a suitable application which will run any video\audio files. In this regard, the VLC player is the best one. It runs almost all the format of video files and is of great use to young people, and it is also free.

But there was a specific need for me to find an application that will extract the audio out of the video file. I am quite sure that there will be hundreds of application that will be available to do this, but I am quite tired of searching for them. Recently I downloaded a video file from youtube and the format is of .flv and I did not have a proper codec for windows media player and I did not VLC player also.

But I remembered there is a codec called k-lite codec which when installed will give your windows media player some great abilities and will enable it to support many video format. So, I installed it and enjoyed the video. I wanted to extract the audio also. Intuitively I explored the application and found that it is possible in the codec itself to extract the audio.

So, I thought it will be of use to many and I am talking about that. The application is K-Lite Mega Codec and it is free. Once you install it and run a video using that, you can go to File->Utils->DSM Convertor. Right click on the panel and browse your file. Once you select a file, all the components will be shown. Right click on the audio and select "Demux" and that is it. The audio will be saved as an mp3 file and you are done!

Click here to download the K-Lite Mega Codec.

[P.S.: If you are so curious as to know what is the video I enjoyed and wanted to have the audio ripped off, click here. You could also click here to know more about that.]

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