Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Imaginary Short Story

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"Loving you was the greatest mistake I have ever done in my life", He was politely telling Her. Normally with this kind of statement the reaction would result in a quarrel for most other people, but, She smilingly replied back, "Thanks for honoring me, honey". She knew the moment she saw him that something is troubling him that day and she even knows what that something is. He didn't expect this answer though, and he was mildly surprised. Trying so hard to hide the smile and even more harder to keep a serious face, he asked, "How in the world is that honoring you?"

"I thought you were smart enough to solve this", She told playfully.
"I am angry here, right? Do you mean that repenting for loving you honors you?"
"Hmm... God... you are really out of form today", She giggled and continued, "Since you told loving me was the greatest mistake in your life, I was honored that marrying me was not"

Realizing that He has been outsmarted again, he smilingly shook his face and slowly walked near her. Since blushing is something which you can't control, she almost became red, blushing, and he stood near her. Right at that moment, they heard a very enthusiastic announcement, 'I am ready!!', the two years old Arvind entered the room happily.

Thinking 'How adorable... going to the pre-school for the first time and he is not crying and is much more happy about it... Good that I have talked great things about the nursery yesterday', and with tons of love, she lifted Arvind kissed him and left the room and switched on the TV and asked him to watch Cartoon Network till the pre-school van comes and picks him up. Within seconds, Arvind got engrossed in the TV and she was a bit concerned about the other child in the other room being a little angsty today.

 She entered the room and asked Him with a smiling tone, "So... where were we?". He tried to answer with a toneless voice "We were fighting...". Unable to control the laughter, she laughed aloud and told him, "Honey... I know you are upset that Arvind is going to the nursery school. I am also going to miss him. But -loving me was a great mistake- is too much to get my attention". There was a momentary silence. His eyes showing a little shame and his lips showing a little smile, he started to say something, but stopped.

Just to break the ice and bring him out of the awkward pause, she said "I can't believe it is actually happening... Arvind is actually grown enough to go to school". He replied with a sense of victory, "It is not school... it is nursery... and I can't believe that, even after all these years, you still use the phrase 'I can't believe it is actually happening...' for all the things-that-happen-first-time.

It took her couple of seconds to control the blush and shy and when she was about to pat him on his head playfully, they were interrupted by their son Saravanan, "Mom... Dad... since today is the first day, I and Laksmi are going to take Arvind to the nursery just in case if there are any formalities and to  make sure that Arvind is comfortable. Lakshi will be back in another 30 minutes by auto."

Well... this is my 100th post and probably, my last story. All my creativity, if I had any, has depleted, and this post could be a proof for that, and I have no more stories in my draft. Of course, if I get any new idea which I can concoct and convert in to a story, I will write. I can't believe that almost one fifth of my posts are stories. I thank everyone who had read this story and any of my other stories. Your comments had made a lot my days and kept me writing. I wish you all a Happy Valentines Day. 


Dobby Severus Salazar said...

Well, I missed the twist as usual. Had to double back to understand who this Saravanan is.

But, what is this outrageous act of yours. You actually used the phrase "Wish you a happy ____ day" ?!

Dobby Severus Salazar said...

And congratulations on your 100th posting. You ARE a veteran blogger.

Amudhan said...

Idha oru kadhaiya madichi adhula twise irukkunu solra alavukku unakku eppudi da manasu vandhuchu? :) This is one of the posts, I am not proud of... anyway, thanks for reading it da... This is my 100th post and co-incidentally (with a little planning), it fell on that day and hence, I closed my eyes... bitten my teeth very hard... and wrote that sentence... :D

100 ellam chumma da... avan avan 1000 eludhitu poikittu irukaanga...