Thursday, May 24, 2012

What the hell should we do now?


 I was terribly upset when I heard about the petrol price hike yesterday... a funny, difficult to believe, are-you-kidding-us kind of a hike in the petrol prices. Rs. 7.5 or so in a single shot. But to see the initial (and perhaps the only) reaction of the public is to swarm the petrol bunks and creating traffic jam, is saddening. I don't know what was their thought. Supposing they fill 5 liters or 6 liters that day, they are going to save some 40 rupees. But is that all the reaction? Seriously something is completely wrong with us, people.

As soon as you filled the petrol, you went home, saw the IPL, cheered up, littered facebook, and probably will go about and do whatever you were doing the day before. You are going to buy the same Pepsi/Coke, go to movies in theater, watch your favorite serials or matches. All the government will need is some type of entertainment whenever they want to screw us. If Aishwarya Rai gives birth to a baby, that will be the most important news, even more than Indian rupee value falling like Mission Impossible Tom Cruise.

All, the people think would be 'the opposition party will take care'... or,  the media will take care... or, there will be some protest...  and they simply do hallway chat with the colleagues and go on about their life. Let me tell you something. Government will not give a **** about what you talk to your colleagues. After all, the media will discuss this topic and will switch to 'some bollywood or hollywood actress marrying/breaking up with someone' news if that happens.

We are living in a world which is probably controlled by a few hundred people who have money. The government listens to them and is run by them. If suddenly, a foreign company decides to dump all the chemical waste in India, they can do it. People will shout for a few days, media will cover it for a few hours... that is the max that can happen. Government and Law cares more about corporates and companies with money more than civilians. For example, I have read somewhere, that, a girl got raped in a foreign country and the punishment for the bastard was a few years imprisonment and at the same time, for a guy who uploaded a Hollywood movie in the internet got several years imprisonment and very heavy punishment... It is the kind of the world we are living now.

But ironically, the corporates and companies need civilians. If you want the government to listen to you, you have to get the attention of the people (corporates and companies) with money who use you to earn money. This is what we, as civilians, can do. We, as the civilians/public, should completely stop spending on anything that is not essential. Why should we spend our money and energy on things when the basic essential things are  denied to us?

If we completely stop consuming/buying unnecessary and non-essential things (like bottled drinks, biscuits/chocolates, cosmetics, cricket matches, movies, serials, etc.), it will get the attention of the government. Of course, since we deny to give money to the companies and people with influence, they will tame the government not to touch on essential things. And we are also not losing anything, and saving the money. In a dream/ideal world, when government does something that is anti-social, the society will stop to give money to the companies/people-with-influence completely. It should stun the government. Of course, that is an ideal/dream world.

[PS: You may think, at the most some 10 people are going to read this blog and only 1 or 2 read till the end... how will 3 or 4 people stop consuming things will attract the attention of the government :). That is exactly my thought. But you can help to spread this kind of protest to your friends/family. Not necessarily sharing this online, but just discuss this with your friends]


Sinduja said...

Amudhan, you have no idea how much this post resonated with me.

When I began reading and found that it was yet another petrol-hike related post, I thought I would get bored. That is the state of impassivity I have come to I guess.

But as I continued reading, it really jolted me. I found myself really struck by the sincerity. I did not understand the part how non-consumerism would better things... maybe coz I am pretty retarded at economics but otherwise, really struck a chord.

I am tweeting and sharing this on my timeline. I hope the word spreads to as many as possible. Keep writing! Cheers! :)

Gopala krishnan said...

Much sensible post, especially giving a solution and not just blaming and joining the group of pseudo's who have just to show they are against it and go back to IPL and bla bla bla.

Amudhan said...


Thank you very much for your comment and sharing my post on your timeline. It is really very kind of you.

I have absolutely zero knowledge in economics, and corporates are not my enemies. But we can't deny the fact that corporates and big companies which have huge money control the law and government. I don't know what will be reaction, but say, if every single one of our civilians, stop consuming anything for a couple of days, all the companies and corporates will be stunned and incur a huge loss... If that happens, they will do anything to stop the government from doing anything that will touch the sensitive area of the public. You see... the bottled drinks are sold millions and millions of bottles every day... And the big companies Coke and Pepsi have completely destroyed every single cool drink company from India... They have the money, power, and influence to do anything to sustain their business... Cricket board, have billions of dollars... movie industry has huge money and powerful influence, but they will not do anything for the public seriously, unless they are affected... All of them get money from us... they wont do anything for the public... but if they are affected, they will do everything to stop it... at least, I thought so... :)

If, for any anti-social things that affect every single one of the civilians, the public stop to indulge in anything that is not essential (food and water), it will create a huge impact to the government... we wont need to protest... we wont need to go and stand in the roads and create public nuisance... just stop indulging in unessential things when the essential things are denied or in danger to everyone....

Of course, I may be completely wrong... but I was just pissed that, of the very limited friends I have in Facebook, everyone was discussing about IPL (around 5 to 10 posts, most of them) and nothing significant about fuel price hike... people who protest for politics will bring a minimum effect... people who actually want to protest because they are affected, will bring difference... at least I thought :)

@Gopala Krishnan:
Thank you very much for reading my blah and taking time to comment...

Vandhana said...

I came across this on facebook, thanks to Sindhuja.
I can relate to every word that you've put out here and trust me, it makes a world of a difference to see someone take the initiative to voice their opposition to a lackadaisical society we call our government, especially, when you talk out precise same thoughts out. In this, you have mirrored mine and I shall do my bit and spread your concerned thoughts. I hope it makes a difference, as it did to me.

Looking forward to visiting your blog more.

Amudhan said...

Thank you so much for taking time to read this post and leaving a comment.

Thank you so much that you want to do your bit and spread the thought. I sometimes wish we civilians are all united and do something in a very ahimsa way which will be real effective...

And of course, you are very welcome to take the risk of reading my posts :)

Sinduja said...

" if every single one of our civilians, stop consuming anything for a couple of days" - Wow, wouldnt that be such an ideal world? I really wish I would live to see that someday. It will be a dream come true! :)

I love your passion and vision Amudhan. It is really contagious. If, in future, you ever want to start some movement, count me and my friends in. :) Keep writing!

P.S - Glad to know that I am not the only one drained by this ipl over hype.

Shan said...

Where is the like button man ?


But what will my like do ? I atleast shared this in possible ways that I can and I konw.

Unknown said...

You are right Amudhan...!This really makes us to think...!

Amudhan said...

Thanks once again :) but starting a movement, standing in the roads and creating public nuisance are all politics, right? Have you ever seen a single common man/woman standing in the roads and doing protests? We wouldn't need such politics, if we, the civilians/citizens of India are silently protesting for any anti-common-man/woman things government do, at least the government would think more to touch the necessities of the common man/woman. It is now a dream and a wish...

There are many buttons just below the post :D FB, Twitter, G+... :D

Thank you so much for taking time to read my post and commenting on it thala...

Thanks Unknown... Lets do our part in making the thoughts a reality/practice...

NSK said...

Hi Machan,
I came to this post from Shan's status message.
One of my trusted economic news source(My Brother) said, it was "The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas" which was paying that hiked 7.50/=, till then to pertoleum refining companies(Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, etc..) for their expense(and those companies use to run in debt it seems). Now they have decided not to pay but get it from people.
BUY a CYCLE and USE IT for commuting 6 to 8 km distances. Its good for you, your pocket, environment, you will not get stuck in traffic(most of the time) and may be your grand kid will kiss you when he/she comes to know that you did for a cause.
If you see all these corruption, people's action starts from human's selfishness, greedyness. Trust me these things are thought/influnced to us starting from our parents, house, street, society.
A guy who use to commute by car regularly, one day if he go to his office by bike, he might feel happy that he saved petrol. A guy how use commute by motor bike if he uses his cycle for a day, he will feel happy for his deed.
Though these things very small for the overall picture, it helps in someway. So all what we can do is if we can contribute in someway thats all we will do, because we are forced to get tangled in situations like that by the very families, society and system which has fallen for it.
Entertainment, Relaxation, Motivation, ...(I don't what else to write) are necessary for human's to be in some socialable state. But there are ways in which we can make these happen which will not have bad impact on the society and environment, though these days its well commercialized and we got addicted to it.
If you know how to make it better, thats all it takes.
I know my comment is almost like a blog. But though take it as a comment for your good post :)