Monday, December 31, 2007

A Tale of Two Friends - New Year Gift! (or curse?)

After much contemplation, I have at last decided to write a story in my blog. This story will be continued for a lot of episodes, I am thinking now. It is my long time dream to do so. I was contemplating about the fact that, I do not want to make the very few people reading my blog to run off from my blog forever. But I do not want to follow the policy *Never try... never fail...*

[Disclaimer: Weak hearted, pregnant ladies, Old people please do not read this series as it will be so boring and torture that you may not survive after reading this :D]

I do not want to start the story in this blog itself. Let this only be a build up and a start for the story. What should I name the characters? How many episodes should this come? How long can I write this? I have no idea! Do I know the storyline which I have to write? No!. Do I have a better and a clear script? No!

Then how dare am I going to write such a story? could be your question. Have not you heard about mega-serials? They are my motivation. They prolong the serial for years and years with no story or a nastier-than-a-cow-dung-story. But I promise, my story will not be as bad a bull shit as them. Even if they may be very bad, they wont be pointless, I presume.

Okay, see you all in my A-Tale-Of-Two-Friends blogs. I will post other blogs also in the middle. See you soon!

[P.S.: First I had an idea of asking the reader to tell their comments and start such story only if at least one has interest in and has commented. But I abandoned the idea, as I am quite sure, none will actually post any comments and I do not want to promise-and-withdraw. So, I silently started this!]


Prabakar said...

i wud luv a story penned by you...

Satesh said...

hi da machan...
what is that you are going to write ??

amudhan said...


I do not know anything about what I am going to write da... I have no plot, nothing. It will be one of the super winner junk, I think. First, I have to write the first episode. Keep watching the blog da.


amudhan said...


Thanks a lot Praba! (hehehe... you may think that I am posting a different comment to increase the number of comments. It is not the case. Believe me. But I will be happy to see 4 comments for my blog, no matter how it comes! :D )