Friday, April 25, 2008

Drunken Monkey - Part I

When I typed *Part I* in the title, I myself got angry on me. I said, I would continue the Tale Of Two Friends but I couldn't for some good reasons. Likewise, i say in many of my blogs that I would talk more about the topic, but I never did. Sorry for this. Let me try to keep up with my wishes. Lets dive into the blog.

Well, I am not saying drunken people are monkeys, if I would say that, then it would directly affect most of my closest friends (and who knows, in future, it may even refer to me ;) ). It is the name of a Jackie Chan's movie. But this post is about people whom I think are monkeys or even worse, when they behave in a disgusting manner.

Worrying about various things, I got into KPN bus, so sophisticated and so called A\C Volvo and so much costlier, with the hope that I would have a peaceful sleep. Suddenly a group of young lads (I am quite sure, they are software engineers), who are so desperate to be noticed, got into the bus with much noise. Usually I don't give a shit about those nuisance making non-sense people. But to my best bad luck, one of those monkeys came near my seat and I realized that he is going to sit in my adjacent seat.

Bull shit! he was drunk and it smelled like a septic tank. I got so irritated that I scolded him in my mind (hehe... this time, it would make his uncle's grandmother's brother-in-law's grandmother squirm in their graveyard) and tried to close my eyes and sleep. In a moment, he shouted, "machan! come on da... lets have a fag... otherwise, my mouth will feel itching". What the heck?!? You bloody ******** (whatever you like, you could paste here), I thought.

He is not going to become like a hero if he announces to be a drinker-smoker-****er. If he wanted to smoke, let him smoke and die... If he wanted to drink septic tank, let him go and drink it and die. But why the heck there are people, who take the rights to disturb public? And that too, when they are going to travel in a public transport? I don't understand that. But I learned a lesson that day.

If at all I am going to be a smoker or a drinker, I would make 100% sure that, I wont drink or shout in the public transport to mark my presence (and try to be a hero). It is because, there will be people around, who would scold such people so hard that, his parents, siblings, relatives, grand parents, in-laws, etc would feel very bad if they come to know that they were referred to such bad things because of the mistake they dint do.


Prabakar said...

oh.... he might've been in drunken spirit... you know what, I've seen people make such noise even without drinking.... so you can give a ration to him because he had a reason (that he is under the control of alcohol) to shout. Once, in a train from Chengalpat to Saidapet, I sat opposite to two young boys (may be school boys). One of them talked like hell about all adolescent things loudly in front of everyone with his friends and continuously and that gave me a real head-ache and I swear that I didn't get such irritation and anger and head-ache even in my college technical classes (and i was about to shout at him though i'm a silent guy and you know that). So, make it clear that whether you scold drunken monkeys or monkeys that dodge and hang and screech. As a drinker I know that alcohol kindles some thought and boldness into you. But they are never liars. In fact they behave their real-self at that time without acting like everyone of us act to make a fine personality in our life.

amudhan said...

I agree that, drinking is a personal right. Anyone could drink if they wish. I have no rights to blame that. But when they are going to mingle with public, and that to travel, they should have some courtesy to avoid that. My point in the post is not about the LOUD MOUTH they had... but the torture those ****** (couldn't refrain from scolding them :) )gave me and others. Smelling like shit and traveling... bull shit... they should at least have had some mint or something to hide part of that bloody smell. I know that you would never do such a torture to public and none of my friends would do like that. They drink, they dance, they sing, (they vomit in their house), and they sleep... that is it... isn't it?