Monday, October 19, 2009

Imaginary Story and Imaginable Phiolosophy

[Disclaimer: Everything that takes place in this story is 100% imaginary. Don't try this in real life. I rate this post R and if you are not 18+, please don't read further. Reader's discretion is required]

"There are no take backs... once you register and pay the money, there is absolutely no way you can cancel it. Do you understand?"
"Yes I do. I would be more happy only if I can't cancel it. I don't want anything or anyone to interrupt this."
"You would feel that way until you pay the money and register. After that you will surely have a second thought. I just want to make it VERY CLEAR. Also the policy is that if you express your interest, you can only register the next day"
"I don't want time to think. I have already thought it so much. I want to register now"
"NO. Come tomorrow. Get lost, now!"

Dheva went home sulking all the way to his home. The stay in the house didn't make him think again, but infact, made him wait for the next morning to come so that he can go and register. He has had fights and problems with his wife almost everyday right from the marriage. And things were getting worse and worse everyday. Though all the fights and problems were for no reason (or very silly reasons), the peace had completely gone and he had gone to such an extent that he had decided to kill his wife through a secret organization, whose reference he got through google.

"It is clear. I want to go ahead."
"Okay... well... give me the address, photo and the money. It will take 3 days to execute it. I strongly suggest that you are not in your house. Be in your office. Schedule a meeting or something so that it is absolutely doubt proof that you had to stay in office."
"I will do."
"Don't try to be nice just because she is going to die in couple of days."
"Why not?"
"(With a cruel smile) Because there are no take backs."
"If you are nice to her, she may be nice to you and suddenly your chemistry may start to work. Even if it is not going to happen, if you are suddenly nice, it will raise suspicion. Understand?"

Devah's heart started to beat faster and he felt an uncomfortable feeling thinking about the first option, Mr. X had told about. But since it was out of his control anymore, he didn't want to think about it.

"Ye... Yes... No problem"
"We are bad people and we show no mercy. We have links to police department also. So, If you try to act smart, you will also go to hell along with your wife... ha ha ha"

That remark didn't seem to have been made for fun. Without telling anything Devah just left that place. He couldn't believe what he had done. All the problems and the fights suddenly seemed nothing. He started to realize the ways he could have done better to have made the relationship stronger. He realized that he has done the greatest mistake in his life, but it is useless to think about it.

He reached home. His wife looked as beautiful as she was on their marriage day. Even before he could talk to her, she started yelling at him for coming late. That yelling didn't make him angry, which a day before would have been a good reason to yell back or fight back. He felt heart-broken, blanked, and numbed by the fact that his wife is going to be killed in a couple of days because of his intolerance towards her.

==== End Of Story ====

I want to give you the freedom to complete the story in the way you want to have it. Whatever the way I am going to finish, someone may feel 'come on... this is a cliched ending' (because the story itself is cliched :). Also, if you have any creative climax, feel free to express it via comments). But what I want to tell here is, there are two universal truths anyone should face, birth and death. Only during deaths (not their own of course) anyone realizes a lot of things about life. A completely new dimension becomes clear to us when seeing someone close to us die.

After death there is no point in thinking "I should have done that" or "I shouldn't have done that" etc. Once Sadguru was asked a question "My son died recently. We didn't do much for him. We want to do a lot for him now. How can we do it to him?" and for that a gist of Sadguru's answer was, "hereafter for anyone, if you want to do something do it then and there. Don't wait for them to die".

So, what I want to tell you is, whenever someone (or anyone) makes you mad, even if not the extent that you hire Mr. X to end them, just imagine that you did it and the other person is going to die in a couple of days. Treat them in the way you would treat them if they are going to die very shortly. I believe things will get better if we understand the universal truths better.

== End Of Mokkai ==


Prabakar said...

climax: he lives happily with his wife for the three days and dies fighting the assassins, shortly after his death, his wife also was killed.

amudhan said...

Thanks for your climax. That is the first climax I thought I would get (if I at all I would get ;))

I hope that you also understand that the point of this post is NOT just the story, but the philosophy. Love your near and dear ones as though they are going to die shortly. You will make them happy and you will be made happy. Am I right? Let me know your views on this also, if you want.

Prabakar said...

no questions... agreed... what about living as though you will die in few days? ;-)

amudhan said...

If we live as though we are going to die soon, I don't think anyone will do any good :) All the money will have to be spent, All non-smokers will smoke, all non-drinkers will drink, and you-know-what.

It is equally possible that people turn bad if they think they are going to die soon. But, on the contrary, if you think you loves are going to die, you will (normal human with human heart) will do everything in your power to keep them happy. You will adjust with them. You will forgive their mistake. You will appreciate their feeling, etc. This can help the others.

Am I right?

Prabakar said...

YO!! Yes Sir!! Aye Aye Sir!!

Another climax: (Hollywood style) The husband becomes vehement. He fuels his rage. He vows to kill every assassin, he finds the resources and skills he wants in no time, and equips himself to pull the entire organization to the roots and kill each assassin one by one. It goes on and on. He actually kills so many people to protect his wife. He keeps killing mercilessly. His backyard, finds remnants of bodies being buried. He keeps killing and eventually becomes ruthless killer. And alas, he is offered a hitter position in the same organization if at all he wants the organization stop sending anymore assassins. Then, he thinks thinks and thinks. To stop killing more people and be at peace you got to take a job in that organization. Then you will do the same thing. Kill more people but those are all the people who are hated by prats like him and those people are innocent people compared to the assassins he is killing at the moment. Then, with a plan he agrees to take up a position in that X organization, and starts killing innocent people, and again in no time, he climbs the corporate ladder there, and becomes the number one asset and partner of the organization and suddenly he takes over the organization, and converts the whole organization into something he wants. But the organization didn't stop doing its service. How the organization operates at the moment with the influence of our beloved hero is left blank. Please feel free to fill it up. :-) I think no one who has the guts to read this shit would've have read any vomitty bullshit, cow-dung climax like this. But, you know, I warned you when I started. "This is Hollywood style!"

amudhan said...

Mudiyala... kanna kattiduchu... :)

Prabakar said...

climax 3: He disguises himself as his wife and makes the assassins believe that they are killing his wife. They kill him and go and his wife gets saved with a letter in her hand from her husband of his deeds and advising her to get undercover forever.

climax 4(for those who didn't like climax 3): he makes his wife's sister act as his wife and gets her murdered.

Natraj M said...

My own climax:

The next day night while he was travelling in his car, he meets with an "accident" and dies. Apparently, his wife checked out his search history from the computer and was much sharper than him.

amudhan said...

%3: Too much Tamil movie watching... :)
%4: Pure Evil ;) but good!

Bingo! I was expecting this climax. Awesome thinking Nattu! Thanks!!

amudhan said...

On behalf of my friend Satesh who told this climax in a chat!

After three days Assassin comes and hustand wants to make sure they are out of the town, but he sees some eerie people coming in their way. The assassins after a long run, try to find where Devah is taking his wife...
and they somehow chase their car and surround them.. in a desperation to save his wife.. Devah puts up a fight against the assassins and asks his wife to run away from that situation. His wife obliges courteously and immediately runs away with tears slightly in her eyes. In an attempt to save his wife Devah sacrifices his own life, but successfully stops the assassins from taking anything but his life..
A day or two after the incident, his wife goes to another office of assassins and thank them for a Job well done !! :) As they were none other than his wives assassins.. and not his and they came there only to kill the husband but not the wife!!!

amudhan said...

For Satesh's climax, I wanted to comment. The wife when she is thanking for the 'job well done' the telephone rings in this assassin's office. "Oh... is it? I should take that? What is the address? ... hahaha... oh man, you must be kidding... after all both deserve this..." at this point, with his left hand, he takes .38 caliber pistol which has silencer fit from his drawer.